Falco Grice and Gabi Braun – A Sweet Love In Attack On Titan

falco and gabi

Time and again, Attack on Titan reminds us that the war consists of people who are capable of being loved. And this very thing holds true for both sides of the war. It doesn’t matter whether it is Mikasa’s unconditional love towards Eren or Falco’s sweet and sour teenage romance.

Today, we are going to take a look at the relationship Falco and Gabi has up till now. So without any further ado, let’s jump right in. 

Falco and Gabi – The Warrior Candidates:

From the get-go, we as the viewers get an introduction of Falco Grice through an ongoing war. He’s lying down on the battlefield and shooing away the bird so that it doesn’t get caught in the turmoil. 

falco grice on battlefield


And yet he’s okay to give up as if he was meant to be nothing but a deadbeat. Regardless of what he thinks about himself or the war, it doesn’t matter as Colt Grice saves him. However, it only makes him think about whether it’s all worth it or not.

But on the other hand, we have this energetic and charismatic little girl hardwired for chaos. In fact, her very first act of bravery was quite similar to suicide. And as she completes the task of derailing the train, she rejoices. 

gabi braun attack on titan

The Marleyans have made her into a fine weapon who despises her kind and the people of Paradis Island. Not to mention, she’s first in the class and will highly likely inherit the Armor Titan from Reiner.


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Falco and Gabi – Caring For Each Other In Their Own Ways:

Well, a very surreal revelation happens where we as the viewers get to know that Falco loves Gabi. Before anyone says anything, I want to put my point forth by declaring ‘Falco liking Gabi’ very plausible. Since they’ve been together for a long time, it’s pretty easy to understand the why’s and how’s. 

falco and gabi attack on titan

In one simple sentence – due to his actions and comments around her, Falco harbors a crush on his fellow warrior candidate Gabi. However, being the thickhead Gabi is, at first she isn’t able to get a grasp on Falco. But hey, that doesn’t mean she was devoid of affection and caring towards her fellow warrior candidate. 


Falco and Gabi went through a reality check on their time in Paradis Island. It was there that they, especially Gabi got to know about the so-called devils. Through several jaw-dropping and mind-boggling moments of her, Falco was always there supporting her. And when he got hurt because of her mistake, we can see the furiousness and sadness in her eyes. 

Love Is In The Air – Breathe In Falco And Gabi:

In short, we see how straightforward but eerie Falco can be with his idea of loving Gabi. On the other hand, Gabi while not showing her emotions upfront deep down cares about Falco too. Still, nothing beats Falco declaring her love for Gabi at the Liberio Entrance and her being completely clueless.

 gabi aot

Well, teenage love in such conditions can be tough, right? Nevertheless, it did bore the sweet fruit when Falco proclaims her love once again. And this time, she understands completely. Having said that, there’s more to ‘Falco and Gabi’, catch it on the next Attack on Titan Episode.


Where Can You Watch Attack on Titan?

You can watch it from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll.

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