Falco Grice – The Paradox of Attack on Titan

falco grice from Attack on Titan

Falco Grice is what one can deem as a counterpoint to Eren Jaeger’s hostility in Attack on Titan. The counterpoint, being that war does not produce winners or nobles, but sacrifices and losers. So, is there any possible meaning to the seemingly meaningless chaos and destruction? 

Let’s find out the answer through Falco Grice’s eyes. 

Falco Grice – The Warrior Candidate:

From the get-go, we as the viewers get an introduction of Falco Grice through an ongoing war. He’s lying down on the battlefield and shooing away the bird so that it doesn’t get caught in the turmoil. And yet he’s okay to give up as if he was meant to be nothing but a deadbeat. All thanks to the discrimination and brainwashing.

falco grice on battlefield

Regardless of what he thinks about himself or the war, it doesn’t matter as Colt Grice saves him. Was it because he was a warrior candidate? Despite him being not the best out of the lot, he was able to move forward. But, why was he able to take one more step? Well, we have a little something like Mikasa-Eren thing going on here too. After all, love can not be confined in the walls, right?

Taking A Look At The Bigger Picture – Mr. Kruger:

What if a person whom you are quite fond and compassionate of betrays you but you understand their reason? For Falco Grice, it was Mr. Kruger aka Eren Jaeger. After having your heart laid out in front of Kruger and even considering him to be the reason for his improvement in training, Falco gets to know that he’s the devil. 

And yet, he doesn’t hold much of a grudge against him when he sees Reiner begging Eren to kill him. In retrospect, he seems to understand where Eren comes from because his people were the ones who suffered first. So, what right do the Marleyans have to declare a war against them and why Eren shouldn’t do the same?

falco and eren

In other words, Falco already had his ‘realization’ when he saw Reiner’s reaction to Eren’s reveal. From just looking at both of them, he knew there was something more than what he can even comprehend. Moreover, Reiner opening up to him about how they have to protect Gabi was puzzling and disturbing too. 

And now, with everything in front of him, he was thrown in a state of utter confusion. But hey, that only helped Falco Grice to become more open-minded and rational in comparison to Gabi. And we can see it when both of them escape from prison and get to know more about the ‘devils’. 

Falco Grice – The One Who Cares For Gabi Braun:

Due to his actions and comments around her, Falco Grice harbors a crush on his fellow Warrior candidate Gabi. Not to mention, it’s Gabi who isn’t able to reciprocate or completely understand his fellow warrior candidate’s feelings. But still, the small guy is headstrong about his feelings towards her love interest and expresses it quite vehemently. 

falco and gabi

In fact, he wants to inherit the Armor Titan because he wants Gabi to live a long and happy life. Apart from that, he also saves her from Nicolo’s assault that mistakingly leads him to drink Zeke’s spinal fluid. And just like that, once again he proves how much he cares about her. Long story short, he became a warrior candidate to save her from the chaos she didn’t deserve.

The Paradox of Attack on Titan:

It’s a weird title, right? What can I mean by stating that Falco Grice is a paradox in Attack on Titan where everyone constantly loses? Well, what makes him the paradox is that he’s the one who saw both the sides – Reiner and Eren. Although the juxtaposition wasn’t very thoroughly placed only made it vague as well as interesting. 

falco grice attack on titan anime

Because at the end of the day, he’s one of the very few who has some or little knowledge about what they’re actually into. However, that doesn’t put him on a high pedestal because he’s still the Falco who cares about Gabi. And as we all know, love can make one blind. Nonetheless, it’ll be very exciting to see Falco in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2.

Where Can You Watch Attack on Titan?

You can watch it from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.

Phew, that’s it for now. Attack of Titan houses a bunch of fascinating characters and let’s be straightforward, Falco Grice is certainly one of them. Furthermore, his relationship and dynamic with people around him make the world more riveting. In all, look out for the kid who has a surface-level understanding of the duality of war. Also, don’t forget about Gabi because the finale has something very sensational for us. 


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