Fans Are Loving Wonder Woman 1984


The fan adoration for the neon Wonder Woman follow-up isn’t just encapsulated in the box office receipts and viewing statistics, however.

After only one weekend on the market, Wonder Woman 1984 boasts a superb 73% fresh fan score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That’s even 8% higher than the film’s similarly respectable critical score.

Sequels can be tricky, and marquee superhero franchises are particularly susceptible to the sophomore slump, so it must come as a major relief to both Warner and Jenkins that the latest DCEU offering has been so well received.

Despite some reservations about an overloaded plot, fans found much to adore in WW84, with some even claiming that it surpasses its predecessor.

Patty Jenkins’ neon approach to filmmaking in WW84 perfectly captures the comic book aesthetic on screen


Many fans on Rotten Tomatoes complimented the high quality of Wonder Woman 1984’s script and the power of its message, while others focused on the way Patty Jenkins successfully captured the visual energy of a comic book on screen.

“I enjoyed the depth of the script and the effects were topnotch,” wrote one verified reviewer.

Josereynahn added in their verified five-star review, “It’s a great movie, a great message. Gal Gadot was born to be a wonder woman, it is true, the film fails in some things but the powerful thing about it is that it does not focus on finishing things with blows, a great success with this film that I loved.”

@RequiemNocturne tweeted, “#WW84 is one [sic] of the most emotional and heartfelt comic book films, I cried 3 times!! Pedro Pascal OWNS Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wiig is great and Gal Gadot PROVED she is a good actress. FAV DCEU Film after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman!!”


@TheTreyinator was all in for Jenkins’ inspired direction, and the classic comics feel of the film. He tweeted, “#WW84 slapped. I really really liked this movie. This had the same energy as Superman (1978) and I really loved that. Gal was great in this, as was Patty Jenkins’ direction. A superhero movie that inspires you to be the best person possible. #WonderWoman1984 is a delight.”

Other fans on Rotten Tomatoes, like Georgia B., were excited to see the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and complimented the obvious chemistry between the film’s two stars. “Gal Gadot & Chris Pine are so good together,” she wrote. “It started a little slow, but was great once it picked up!”

Verified Reviewer “Rob” provided perhaps the most concise summation of the love-fest: “Very good movie just what was needed to see during the holidays.”

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