LiSA wins Song of the Year award for Demon Slayer movie track


Japanese singer-songwriter LiSA has won Song of the Year at the 62nd Japan Record Awards for her song, “Homura”, from the movie Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train. In doing so, she has become the first female singer to win this grand prize since Kana Nishino with her single “Anata no Suki na Tokoro” in 2016.

In her speech, LiSA mentioned her happiness and gratitude at receiving the award, and also thanked Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba creator Koyoharu Gotouge, anime studio ufotable, music composer Yuki Kajiura, members of the production company Aniplex and those of Sony Music, as well as all the fans and other people who had supported her.

“Homura” (炎, Flame) was released on 14th October 2020, as part of LiSA’s fifth studio album, Leo-Nine, and has ranked #1 on Oricon’s weekly digital singles ranking chart for 11 consecutive weeks. In the “Oricon Weekly Digital Single (Single Song) Ranking” released on December 23, it retained its first place for 10 consecutive weeks, and subsequently tied for the most number of weeks spent on the top position.

In the same month, “Homura” peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Global 200.


LiSA has also performed another single, “Gurenge”, as the theme song for the Demon Slayer anime. Like the movie adaptation, this song has also broken several records.

In July 2020, LiSA’s “Gurenge” single surpassed 1 million downloads since its release. The single is the first by a female artist to surpass 1 million downloads in the history of Oricon’s digital single ranking chart. It is the third overall single in the chart’s history to do so, after Kenshi Yonezu’s 2018 single “Lemon”, and his 2019 single “Uma to Shika”.

The Japan Record Awards was held at the New National Theater Tokyo (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the entire show was broadcast live on TBS.

Creator Koyoharu Gotouge has also received a Special Achievement Award for his work on Demon Slayer by the Japan Record Awards.

Listen to “Homura” here:

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