Fans Ask “Will Levi Die?” In Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

Attack on Titan: Levi Meeting Petra's Dad After His Death

The hashtag “Levi” trended worldwide following the publication of a new teaser for the second half of Attack on Titan’s last season, as anime-only fans talked about their concern about the appearance of one of anime’s most popular and beloved heroes.

The latest clip, which was released on October 13, shows a battered and injured Levi Ackerman. Attack on Titan is a program that has no qualms about murdering off its main characters, and fans were so concerned about the character’s fate that his name began trending on Twitter globally, both in romanized language and in Japanese, shortly after the trailer was released. 

The death of Levi is foreshadowed in the trailer for Season 4 Part 2. However, it is very possible that the vision could be the future scenario that was revealed in Eren’s mind due to his powers of seeing the future.

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Fans who have just seen the Attack on Titan anime and haven’t read Hajime Isayama’s original manga will have to wait until January 9 to find out what happens to the character, when the second half of the final season of Attack on Titan will premiere. 

We know all of you must be pretty worried about whether Levi will die or not. We recommend reading the manga if you’re not able to tolerate the spoilers.

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Fans of the Attack on Titan manga are undoubtedly already aware of what happens to the stoic titan-killer, as the book’s last chapter was released earlier this year to mixed reviews. On Oct. 19, manga fans who have been waiting for the official English print edition of the finale will learn what happens to the character and the rest of the Survey Corps. That’s when the answer to “Will Levi Die?” will be answered.

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