Fire Force Chapter 286 Release Date and Spoilers

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Lately, Fire Force has been dropping bangers after bangers. The last chapter is a testament to the aforementioned statement. Benimaru vs Benimaru was nothing short of a spectacle, the guy proved that he’s the strongest. And not even his doppelganger can stop him. But now, it all depends upon Shinra.

What will happen in the next chapter? When Fire Force Chapter 286 is going to be available for the fans to read? Scroll down to find the answers. 

Fire Force Chapter 286 Release Date:

Chapter 286 of Fire Force is all set to be released on October 15, 2021. The translations might take some time so expect a delay of 2-3 days. 

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Fire Force Chapter 285 Recap:

The chapters start with an extreme amount of tension in the air. Hinawa and the commoners are discussing and assessing the strength of the fake Benimaru. As they start to incline towards the result where the fake might win, they are interrupted by Hikage and Hinata. 

Cut to the next panel where the fight between the fake and real Benimaru is going to begin in a while. And within the next moment, the fake unleashes a deadly nichirin i.e. far greater than that of the real Benimaru. Everyone is astonished and fear engulfs them.

fire force benimaru vs benimaru manga

A swift slash. All it took from the real Benimaru was a clean and elegant hack to cut the fake one in two. Turns out that the public doesn’t even know the true strength of Shinmon Benimaru. Everyone took a sigh of relief and was overjoyed by the fact that they’ve got the strongest by their side.


As Benimaru’s fight ends, he looks up to Shinra and says that the rest is up to him now. Now, it all depends upon the protagonist to save the day. 

What can you expect from Fire Force Chapter 286?

The next chapter will most probably show how Shinra will struggle to save everyone. All we know at this point is the title of the next chapter – ‘Plunge Into Certain Death’. 

fire force benimaru and shinra

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Where can you read it?

Since it has no licensed digital release yet, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Fire Force website. 

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