To Your Eternity Chapter 151 Release Date and Spoilers

to your eternity

To Your Eternity yet again came up with a chapter that sparked up our emotional side. The last chapter was a treat to read as we got to know how Fushi deals with his dilemma of life and death. In addition to that, he embraced the idea of ‘letting go’ too. In all, it was a feel-good chapter where the protagonist learned another aspect of being human.

So, what will happen next? When is the new chapter dropping? Read on to know all about it.

To Your Eternity Chapter 151 Release Date:

Chapter 151 of To Your Eternity is expected to release on October 12, 2021. The manga usually follows a weekly schedule but sometimes it goes on a short hiatus. 

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To Your Eternity Chapter 150 Recap:

The chapter starts with Fushi’s insecurities and doubts being projected by Messar. He continues to wonder if his friends would die and leave him. March tries to help but her innocence makes the situation more difficult. 

Now, Fushi doubts if they hate him for constantly reviving them. Then, he runs off to the beach. To his surprise, he finds the turtle came from the eggs that he laid. He wants to keep them but the crabs and birds try to take them. Moreover, the turtles also don’t want to be on the beach as their gaze is fixed on the ocean.

to your eternity fushi and turtles

Fushi feels desperate to not lose the turtles, his children. But then an epiphany strikes him, he realizes that everyone won’t stay with him for long. So then, he decides to leave the turtle in the sea; he lets them be free. 

This simple realization makes Fushi more human and the people around him are surprised to see a lot of changes in him. We see a lot of wholesome manga panels that depict the New Fushi. Finally, the chapter ends with Fushi gifting Gugu a ticket to Takunaha.

What can you expect from To Your Eternity Chapter 151?

Fushi accepts the idea of letting go; the people around him will leave him one day. Thus, he tries to make the best of it while they’re still with them. To Your Eternity Chapter 151 might revolve around the changed Fushi. 

to your eternity fushi gifting gugu ticket

Till then, all we can do is wait and let Yoshitoki Ooima do her magic.

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Where can you read it?

To Your Eternity is available on Crunchyroll, but for premium subscribers only.

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