Fire Force Chapter 302 : Release Date, Raw Scans and Other Details

As the end to the nightmare draws nearer, what role will Charon play in Fire Force Chapter 302? Shinrabashomon has appeared and what action will he take? Will it be Iris or Amaterasu who chooses death, and what will be Sumire’s fate?

The Shinigami’s appearance towards the end will raise the stakes but how ill Shinrabashomon, Inca and Iris deal with that? Read this article to find out everything about Fire Force Chapter 302. 

About Fire Force

Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has serialised it since September 2015. All its chapters have been collected in 32 Tankobon volumed as of September 2015. Its anime adaptation was nominated for Kodansha Manga Awards

Fire Force follows the journey of Shinra Kasukabe, a boy with pyrokinetic abilities to ignite his feet at will. He joins Special Fire Force Company 8, which features other pyrokinetics like him and aim to end the Infernal attacks for good while investigating Companies 1 through 7 for potential corruption in their ranks.

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Recap of Fire Force Chapter 301

In Fire Force Chapter 301 titled “Choosing the Future”, Amaterasu disappears with Despair. Charon lifts Haumea like a baby and tells her that the whole world including them had been reborn.

Fire Force Chapter 302

Shinrabashomon watched them from the background and says to himself that nothing was absolute but he wouldn’t make them regret being born into the world of death. Haumea, with Jungian overtones, says that she has cast off mankind’s collective conscious to live truly.

However, her despair has disappeared. Shinrabashomon makes her opt for life again. Amaterasu decides to go with Despair and have Iris live in Haumea and her stead. Sumire says that she does not want to live the life of a lone human across three ages and disappears too.

Fire Force Chapter 302

Amaterasu assures Iris that she was not fake but the version of herself that Amaterasu always wanted to be. The scene changes and we see Inca and Iris come back from despair. Towards the end, Shinigami appears to reclaim the lives that Shinrabashomon had saved using his Time Manipulation Power. 

Spoilers for Fire Force Chapter 302 

Fire Force Chapter 302 Raw

Fire Force Chapter 302 is titled “Divine Judgement”. Although there are no official spoilers for this chapter, we speculate from Raw Scans that the next chapter will bridge the temporal narratives of Fire Force and Soul Eaters. We would probably get to see more of Inca and Iris. Perhaps the death god might even claim everyone’s fire abilities, rendering spontaneous combustion impossible. 

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When will Fire Force Chapter 302 be released? 

Fire Force Chapter 302 is expected to be released in the second week of February 2022. 

Where to read Fire Force?

Since it has no licensed digital release yet, fans can read the manga on the unofficial  Fire Force website. 

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