NWH team Has Already Accepted The Possibility That The Movie Won’t Get Oscar Love

Spider Man Actors: NWH Team wont get oscar love

It’s a question that’s been on the minds of Marvel fans and studio big wigs since December: Could “Spider-Man: No Way Home” be an Oscar movie? Could it get some Oscar love? One person who certainly thinks so is lead star Tom Holland.

“You know, you see these fan reactions of people seeing [Andrew Garfield] come through that portal and I’ve never seen anything like that in a theater before,” Holland recently explained, speaking to FOX during a promotional interview for his new movie “Unchartered,” which is due out February 18. “I’ve never seen that kind of audience reaction,” he added. “Like, I can’t watch those videos without getting really, really emotional.”

At first glance, it definitely appears that Holland is looking for some “No Way Home” love at the Oscars this year, whether it be through a nomination or win of some sort. But what does the growing superhero vet actually think will happen? Could the Academy somehow give Marvel the respect it’s long deserved? Or will it end up shafting the studio yet again? Here’s Holland’s honest opinion on the subject.

No Way Home team has already accepted the possibility that the movie won’t get Oscar love

Spider Man

While Tom Holland believes in his heart of hearts that “Spider-Man: No Way Home” should and could get some recognition at the 2022 Academy Awards this March, he and everyone at Marvel and Sony Pictures have long-accepted the incredibly strong chance that it won’t.

“For me, for this film, and this character, I’ve already achieved everything I would like to,” Holland told FOX. “Whether it is an Oscar movie or not, it sort of has no bearing on me. It would be amazing if it is, but if it’s not, I’m so proud of what [director] Jon Watts has achieved.”

Holland echoed a similar sentiment while speaking to Variety last week. “I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at Marvel and Sony and particularly Jon Watts, the fan reaction that we’ve received — the love and support — is enough,” he said.

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Holland also told FOX that when all is said and done, it’s the emotional reactions and personal resonation with audiences and the fans that will always be the most rewarding thing about making “No Way Home,” not some tiny golden statue.

“To be a part of that was so emotional,” Holland explained. “At the premiere I was in floods of tears… and it was a combination of how proud I am of the movie, how great the movie was, how emotional I was about the kind of end of this chapter and you know, what we all achieved.”

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