Five Best Anime Couples From Shows of 2020

Every year in the anime community, we get introduced to new characters along with the returning ones. In 2020, we truly got a lot of wholesome content for anime shippers, especially with the reveal of long-awaited couples finally expressing each other’s feelings.

Tohru And Kyo Have A Complicated Relationship


Fruits Basket Season 2 progressively delved into darker themes. Yuki confesses that he views Tohru as more of a mom, while the bond between Kyo and Tohru finally starts getting deeper.

The show also shows Kyo finally rejecting Kagura and Tohru resolves to break the curse. This is to save Kyo from being imprisoned after he graduates high school.

Adachi And Shimamura’s Wholesome And Realistic Relationship 


Adachi to Shimamura is a series about two girls who meet while skipping class. As the pair starts spending more time together, they gradually begin to understand that they are, in fact, gay.

Their interactions are very grounded in realistic portrayal and are heartwarming. A very cozy watch, this anime beautifully depicts the adorably awkward, and also healthy and understanding romance between these two leads.

Both Kaguya And Miyuki Refuse To Admit Their Feelings First 


This trending couple, Kaguya and Miyuki are from the hit series Kaguya-sama: Love is War. The two are so obviously smitten with each other but they’re too proud to be the one who confesses to the other first.

The story follows the fun shenanigans this pair gets up to as they come up with strategies to make the other confess first. This frequently ends in incredibly funny stalemates and though it just drives us fans crazy because we just want them to finally get together, we also love the drama.

Subaru And Emilia’s Feelings For Each Other Become Real


Re: Zero is a tremendously popular isekai anime. The series’ Season 2 finally arrived and gave us a wonderful portrayal of the dynamic between Emilia and Subaru as Rem is now comatose.

The focus on Emilia in this new season is quite evident and the feelings between this couple become more real, rather than just being a mere fantasy that Subaru concocted in his head.

Haru And Legosi Are Star-Crossed Lovers 


Beastars is a currently trending Netflix anime that gives us viewers a story about a world of anthropomorphic animals with a complex and civilized society. In the anime, Haru, a bunny, and Legosi, a wolf, encounter each other and start falling for each other.

The anime explores the social issues that come with being in love with someone from a very different background, as well as the various problems this causes for the pair’s star-crossed relationship.

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