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Five Ways Tomura Shigaraki Has Outclassed Other Villains In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about Tomura Shigaraki outclassing other villains in My Hero Academia.

Shigaraki Possesses A Collection Of Quirks

The science that’s applied to Shigaraki by Dr. Garaki improves his strength in several departments. It includes an influx of new Quirks that All For One previously stole. In addition to Shigaraki’s primary Decay Quirk, which can level entire city blocks.

Likely, these aren’t even all of Shigaraki’s powers. Other villains, such as Nine, have had more than one Quirk, but Shigaraki’s collection is much more impressive.

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His Backstory Is The Most Tragic

The circumstances that create a villain are frequently even more important than their special power. My Hero Academia has made it easier to empathize with its villains in its latest seasons and the glimpse into Shigaraki’s past is heartbreaking.

As Tenko Shimura, this young boy doesn’t understand how to properly use his Decay Quirk and it results in the annihilation of his family. Shigaraki is left with nothing and is preyed upon during this vulnerable time.

Shigaraki’s Been Bioengineered To Be The Perfect Nomu

The Nomu has been present since My Hero Academia’s first season. But these genetically engineered monsters have gained plenty of depth since then. Dr. Garaki’s science has reached the point where Nomu can speak and carry independent thoughts.

Shigaraki remains human, but Garaki specifically refers to him as the apex of Nomu technology. Shigaraki’s ability to take the strongest Nomu assets, but still maintain his humanity, gives him a serious advantage over others.

Shigaraki Has Become The Symbol Of Villainy And All For One’s Prodigy

All Might, and now Endeavor, have functioned as symbols of peace and hope that the rest of the heroes can aspire towards. All For One is a much more mysterious figure, but he largely fulfills the same role as a guiding force of destruction for the villains.

It’s no small feat that All For One appoints Shigaraki to be his successor and views him as a worthy host. The rest of the villains are aware of Shigaraki’s esteemed role and show him the same respect that they would for All For One.

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Shigaraki Has A Higher Rate Of Hero Executions

Death is not uncommon in an action-packed anime like My Hero Academia. Yet the series doesn’t get reckless with its casualties and it’s rather rare that someone perishes in battle. There have been some dramatic displays when a villain does cross this line and Shigaraki is responsible for some impactful fatalities.

Recently, Shigaraki decays X-Less, but he’s hardly the first person to be disintegrated by the villain. Heroes Rising concludes with Shigaraki decaying Nine and there are even more executions to come in the manga.

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