Google Meet Adds A New Customized Background Feature?


The pandemic has cost everyone the physical world and locked everyone within the realms of their four walls, binding them among colleagues or friends in a virtual domain. As people struggle with lives, technology has come forward with arenas to bring people together. As the new lifestyle limits people to their room, kitchen, and washrooms, the e-world has made the virtual stage more interactive, creative, and open to everyone.

With Zoom crossing a new high in the PlayStore, other apps have created an equivalent environment for people to interact and share ideas. Google Meet has been famous among students and educational institutions, often hit out at social media platforms. The recent studies and trends showcase how total screen time could be and what we have been missing all this time before Corona’s advent.


Notwithstanding that, Google Meet has been a user-friendly environment with impressive GUI and fulfilling features and typography. As virtual connection platforms have been trying to improve their standards and competing to be the “people’s first choice,” Google has come up with an extraordinary feature for its users to try their hands on.

Google Meet has come up with a custom background feature that gives the user an option to set their backgrounds as per their choice. It allows them to be creative with their background features other than that. Blurring has been a free choice besides all the new additional features.


The feature will be launched in ChromeOS and Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac desktops and eventually extend to other browsers and Meet mobile app. The new features have tried to add a fresh taste to users’ creativity in a life they have been calling ineffective and monotonous these days. The new features have been attempting to add a unique flavor to users’ imagination in an experience they have been getting inefficient and tiresome these days.

As Google tried its hands on new features and leveled up to a new high, the onus is on other platforms like Skype and Zoom to develop customer-friendly features. The best at this might draw a colossal surplus and attention. It is yet to see how regulatory and rule-abiding these platforms can be, with IT sectors drawing much into their bucket throughout this pandemic.

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