Guess We’ll Never Know Why Kakashi Always Wears A Mask


Kakashi Hatake is one of the most talented shinobi in Naruto. Initially, he is introduced as an apathetic figure but we later saw him as a loyal friend and teacher.

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Regardless, he is also famous for keeping his face hidden behind a face mask. But why does the elite Copy Ninja in Konoha prefer to keep his face hidden?

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Here is everything you need to know about the mystery.


What is under Kakashi’s mask?

Fans came up with tons of theories about what is Kakashi concealing behind his trademark face mask.

Several fans suggested that he might have razor-sharp teeth similar to Kirigakure’s dwellers. Additionally, some fans thought he is covering an extensive scar or disfigurement.


Unfortunately, all their speculations were nowhere closer to the real thing. Moreover, when the Copy Ninja’s face was finally revealed there was nothing out of ordinary.

He is quite handsome with attractive features as well as a beauty mark. Furthermore, most people are left awestruck by his natural beauty on the rare occasion when Kakashi lets his mask slip away.


Why does Kakashi always wear a mask?

Kakashi was always seen wearing his face mask. Even during the flashbacks of his childhood, the white-haired ninja never takes off his signature mask from his face.


Hence, initially, fans believed that he is covering his face in respect of a tradition in his clan or homeland. But this possibility was eliminated after they realized that the people of the Land of Fire never wear one.

Nevertheless, Naruto’s non-canon spinoff series Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals might have given us a hint about the mystery.

According to the series, Kakashi wears a mask as he does not want anyone to witness his nosebleeds which happen when he reads his favorite (adult) book series. It is quite common in anime series for a character to have nosebleeds as it denotes their indecent thoughts.

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