Why Marvel Didn’t Cast ‘Morgan Freeman’ Actor to Play Thor’s Eternity


Thor: Love and Thunder featured an unexpected appearance from Eternity, one of Marvel’s most powerful beings from the comics. Serving as one of the cosmic entities, the character is described as the sum of all life and all things that exist in the universe. However, in the MCU, Eternity’s role in the larger universe has yet to be determined, but Thor 4 has cemented its presence on the big screen. The film is about the first man to achieve immortality being granted a wish, which ends with Christian Bale’s Horus the God-Different. However, Love and Thunder revealed that Eternity did not say anything, which many believe will be a depiction of the character moving forward.

Now, new interesting information has shown that this was not the case at first. Supervisor Marvel VFX explains why eternal actors didn’t happen
In a unique interview with Welding, Thor: Love and Thunder VFX, in a unique interview, he shared more details about adding eternity to Jack Morrison and why the studio decided to play a role.

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When asked about the challenges of eternity, Morrison first confessed in “different variants”, and Morgan Fmen (previously played as a god in Bruce) the role of the Almighty God and John the Almighty:

“Well … of course, we met different options to get it. But I think we all understand that sometimes you know less. So you get everything… and the directors say, “Are we going to cast someone for this?” Is it ultimately, you know how Morgan Fryman plays God again? … We will do it, because if we are, I would like to know before, so I can go and scan and like things. ”


Then Marvel VFX manager noted that the studio noted that the “Moment” actually belongs to Thor Chris Hemsworth, Jane Foster Christa Hemsworth, Gorra Christian Bale, and adding another actor playing eternity “, could be distracted from the heavy emotional scene:

“And they just really felt that … I thought it was super reasonably … This Thai [Whititi] and a gang in Marvel, that this moment really … belongs to three actors. You suddenly have another big CG.

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Morrison touched on the fact that Marvel gave them “a lot of freedom” on how to portray eternity in the film, and the studio gave them a “one file” within each frame of Marvel Canner, respectively:

“And they gave us a lot of freedom in VFX,” oh, every frame here is on the Cannon Marvel line, where ever said eternity. “When you get things like lunch on Sunday, read all these things you like iPad. I was very happy to finish this, because he does not scatter him … There is a southern sense of oracle [from history], I think, without her … it is imposed, so it is. The big face, but the scene is over, but in this scene you never go.


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Why the role of malfunctioning time in eternity 4
Eternity is now a powerful and imposed organism, which means that adding personality can have a negative effect on Thor 4. In some sense, Marvel is justified by a powerful image of three actors. However, a Morgan Freeman-like casting is possible if Eternity returns in a future MCU project. However, Thor 4 does not specify if the character will return, especially after he has already served his purpose. Eternity Speaks Not in Love and Thunder joins a long list of changes Marvel Studios has made with God the Ripper Horus and an entirely different character (based on deleted scenes) Zeus.

While these changes aren’t really the main reason to criticize the film, they create the idea that there are well-executed aspects that fundamentally differentiate Thor 4 from its predecessors. Thor: Love and Thunder is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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