Will Harley Quinn Die In Suicide Squad 2? Director Gunn Comments


The release of Suicide Squad 2 in India is just around the corner. However, fans have a few theories set up even before its official release. There are many theories that suggest that Harley Quinn dies in Suicide Squad 2.

Addressing these theories, James Gunn made it clear that no one is safe as he takes over DC’s Suicide Squad. He also personally addressed the theories surrounding Harley Quinn’s death.

Harley Quinn is potentially one of fans’ favourite DC characters. But writer-director Gunn has been given the authority and the freedom to kill off any character he wants in Suicide Squad 2. When he was given the power to take over the film, Warner Bros. only had one condition: to let Margot Robbie play her character of Harley Quinn.



Harley Quinn Dies In Suicide Squad 2?

Harley Quinn clearly has a huge impact on DC fans and the DC movie universe as a whole. But there have been theories that suggest that she could actually be one of the characters who will be killed off in the new release.


Writer-director Gunn has made it clear to not give off any spoilers before its release. Instead, he continues to grab people’s attention by further pushing the line.

“They did say you can kill whoever you want,” Gunn said in an interview. He added that he will not be revealing anything for now. “A lot of people think I’m going to kill Harley. You know, who knows?” he playfully commented.

Radical angry fans have also reportedly sent Gunn real death threats asking him to not kill off the character in Suicide Squad 2.

Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s death prediction is also based on actor Margot Robbie’s certain comments. The actor, who has been playing the character of Harley Quinn, has previously stated that she does not want to play her anymore.

Obviously, it’s not necessary for Gunn to kill off Harley Quinn’s character just because Robbie does not want to continue playing her anymore. But it sure is a tough decision as we all know how strongly fans identify the character with the brilliant actor.

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