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Who is Physically Stronger, DC’s Aquaman or Marvel’s Prince Namor?

Aquaman VS Namor

Both Aquaman and Namor are so similar that a biased comparison between the two is bound to be inevitable. So let’s start the contentious “Aquaman VS Namor” battle.

Why Namor Might Win

Aquaman VS Namor: Aquaman?
Aquaman VS Namor: Aquaman

Aquaman debuted in November 1941.

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  1. Aquaman’s abilities include super-strength, durability, and speed, and being able to stay underwater indefinitely, as well as telepathy, which he uses to communicate with sea life and allow them to do his bidding. Being half-human and half royal Atlantean, Arthur is not only a super-human but a super-Atlantean as well.

2. Arthur also has enhanced sight, hearing, and smell as well as superhuman reflexes.


3. He is a master swimmer, expert combatant, and tactician, and accomplished diplomat.


His only weakness comes from staying outside of the water for too long, meaning that fighting outside the aquatic realm puts him at a huge disadvantage.

Aquaman VS Namor: Namor Wins
Aquaman VS Namor: Namor

Prince Namor made his debut in a promotional comic from April 1939 (pre-dating Batman by one month), called Motion Picture Funnies Weekly.

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  1. Namor possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He can also fly and communicate telepathically with most sea life.
  2. The Sub-Mariner can speak English, Atlantean, and Lemurian and is a highly skilled business executive.
  3. The Sub-Mariner has the ability (at times) to mimic the characteristics of all the undersea creatures including sonar, lateral lines, and bio-electricity.

His body is specially developed for underwater existence (including highly developed vision and specialized blood circulation) and like Aquaman, he cannot stay out of water for too long without losing his powers. This is a strong weakness too.

The “Aquaman VS Namor” Verdict: Advantages of Namor

While both men have similar amphibian abilities, it’s Namor’s ability to mimic sea creatures and take to the sky as well that gives him the edge in this category.

Aquaman is nowhere near Namor’s raw strength, Namor’s strength is insane. He throws battleships around. Aquaman has never shown electrical attacks, Namor can use it, drain electricity from ships, re-direct electrical attacks, etc. Namor since his very first appearances could fly with the speed of an arrow, Aquaman has never been able to really fly

Physically, Namor is way stronger in terms of raw strength.


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