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Disney+ Hawkeye Trailer May Release Sooner Than Expected!

Jeremy Renner

Marvel Cinematic Universe already gave a big surprise to the Marvel Fam this week by dropping the first look of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel stans are no way behind. We can say they have a birds-eye view.

If fan theories are to be believed, there is a prospect of another big Marvel film announcement. The team had reactivated the Hawkeye account @hawakeyeofficial on Twitter.

Not only this, there’s another added element to it. Hailee Steinfeld uploaded a slide on her Instagram story of nothing but the color purple. The purple color is a common color both wear on their suits. Now we can see the dots connecting.

First Hawkeye set photos: Hailee Steinfeld in costume and her dog sidekick - Polygon
Picture from the sets (Courtesy: Polygon)

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Recently, the cast and crew of the project were spotted sharing their after-shoot pictures on their social media handles. Fra Free aka the Clown in Hawkeye was spotted on Twitter revealing he was done with his shoots.


At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the announcement was made regarding the Hawkeye release. It is supposedly going to be original content being dropped on Disney+ around November 24.


Perhaps Hawkeye could be rolled out on the heels of the ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premiere at the end of the week or around the midseason date for What If…?. Let us hold our horses and anticipate if Marvel manages to overwhelm us with another joy by dropping the hawkeye trailer.

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