Who are the seven most strongest Avengers in Marvel Comics?




A character with several incarnations across the Multiverse, the origin of Hyperion depends heavily on the Universe he hails from, but they’re all ridiculously powerful nonetheless. Designed to be similar in nature to Superman, the Hyperion most closely associated with the Avengers hails from a recently destroyed Universe, with his memories being stored nonlinearly as light — meaning he experiences the death of his homeworld constantly. It’s because of this that Hyperion hopes to create new memories in a better world, which serves as his primary reason for joining the Avengers.

One of the strongest beings in the Universe, Hyperion’s super-strength has enabled him to perform some seemingly impossible feats over the years, stopping a hurtling planet in its tracks and even holding apart two Universes for a brief period of time. As well as strength, durability and his famous “atomic vision”, Hyperion is also extremely fast, flying from Nevada to Sumatran and back in less than a minute. Some versions of the character can even use cosmic energy to boost their vitality, heal wounds and negate the effects of age. Perhaps Hyperion’s most shocking act came in Squadron Supreme #1 however, in which he manages to lift and destroy Atlantis, before taking Namor’s head clean off with a single blast of heat vision.



Earning her reputation as one of the most dangerous entities in the known Marvel Universe, Wanda Maximoff, better known as Scarlet Witch, has had something of a tumultuous career since her introduction in 1964’s The X-Men #4. The daughter of Magneto and sister of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch was initially recruited into the nefarious Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by her father, going up against the X-Men on several occasions. It was only upon joining the team of well-meaning mutants that the full scope of her powers became apparent however, serving as one of the most powerful characters the X-Men has ever seen.

Although Scarlet Witch’s powers were initially somewhat vague, referred to primarily as “hex powers” — which allowed her to control random events to work in her favor –- Wanda’s powers later became more well defined and much more potent. Able to manipulate reality on a cosmic scale, the most famous use of Scarlet Witch’s ability is tied to the events of “House of M”, in which she erased 99% of mutantkind’s powers with a mere whisper after suffering a mental breakdown. Proving she’s able to change entire Universes on a whim — or perhaps even create new ones entirely — Scarlet Witch may have been closer to the top of this list in terms of raw power, but as it stands the volatility of Wanda’s abilities means she’s often unable to fully control them, despite being a seasoned member of the X-Men.



Appearing for the first time in the aptly titled Strange Tales #110, Dr. Stephen Strange is an arrogant surgeon who stumbles into the world of magic after a fateful car crash permanently damages his hands. Quickly becoming a master of the mystic arts under the tutelage of the Ancient One, Doctor Strange eventually becomes the Sorcerer Supreme following the death of his mentor. As the Universe’s foremost expert on mysticism, Doctor Strange, assisted by the trusty Book of Vishanti, is able to perform countless powerful spells that can affect the fabric of reality itself. Amongst the most powerful humans ever to exist, Strange has a spell for every occasion, even proving himself capable of besting cosmic entities like the In-Betweener and Adam Warlock in battle.

Although the character has been somewhat nerfed in the past few decades, that doesn’t stop Doctor Strange from being one of the Avengers’ most indispensable members. Able to manipulate time, project his consciousness across the astral plane and detect threats both mystical and physical, the Sorcerer Supreme has a certain level of omniscience thanks to his unmatched magic-wielding skills. Employing several mystical artifacts to help him along the way — including the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of LevitationDoctor Strange is clearly one of Marvel’s MVPs, as was recently proved in Avengers: Infinity War.



Given his status as one of the most profoundly powerful heroes in the entire Marvel Multiverse, it’s strange that more people haven’t heard of Adam Brashear, better known as Blue Marvel. A decorated veteran, Cornell graduate and talented scientist, Adam received his powers in the ’60s alongside his friend Conner Sims following a failed anti-matter experiment. Turning Conner into the bitter villain Anti-Man, the accident also transformed Adam into Blue Marvel — one of the most powerful heroes the world has ever seen. Once Adam’s identity as an African-American was revealed however, the hero was forced into retirement due to the racism of the era.

Years later however, Blue Marvel would once again resume his role as a superhero in Age of Heroes #3, using his incredible set of powers to take on King Hyperion. In terms of raw strength, Blue Marvel is easily on the level of Thor and Hulk, able to move asteroids the size of Arkansas and even sending the Sentry into space with a single punch. Coupled with his enhanced reactions, speed, flight, and near-invulnerability, Blue Marvel is almost impossible to take down. As if he wasn’t already overpowered enough, Adam also has vast energy and matter manipulation abilities, allowing him to harness anti-matter to create constructs and transmute matter at a molecular level — a power he’s even able to use to heal his fellow teammates’ wounds.



Considered by many to be amongst the most powerful entities in the Universe, Robert Reynolds, aka the Sentry, is one of Marvel’s most complicated, and often frustrating, characters. More of a plot device than a fully fleshed out character in his own right, the true scale of Sentry’s abilities varies writer by writer, making his powers somewhat inconsistent. One of the many superheroes to get his powers from an attempted replication of the Super Soldier experiment, the chemicals used in the project reacted unexpectedly to the drugs in Robert’s system, resulting in him becoming the all-powerful Sentry.

Said to have the power of “one million exploding suns”, the Sentry has Hulk-level strength, transmutation powers, vast psionic abilities, can manipulate light, and is even able to regenerate himself from mere molecules, making him essentially unkillable. Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, however, Sentry’s evil alter-ego, the Void, is even more powerful than Sentry himself, easily destroying Asgard and casually dispatching dozens of the Universe’s most powerful characters during the events of “Siege”. With that said, Robert’s splintered mind is perhaps his greatest weakness, with the Hulk using this fact against him in “World War Hulk” to beat Sentry to a bloody pulp. Similarly, Thor was also able to defeat the Void thanks to a momentary interruption from Reynolds’ Sentry personality, giving Thor a window to deal a fatal blow to the entity.



Serving as the high-water mark for physical strength across the Marvel Universe, the Hulk is simply put, the strongest there is. Famously granted his powers following the explosion of an experimental gamma bomb, Bruce Banner was transformed into the terrifying Hulk in 1962’s The Incredible Hulk #1 and has remained one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes ever since. Feared across the Universe for his unbridled rage and earth-shattering strength, the Hulk may not possess the matter manipulation, energy projection or general versatility of other heroes on this list, but he remains one of Marvel’s most unstoppable heroes nonetheless.

Getting exponentially more powerful the angrier he gets, the Hulk’s strength is essentially limitless, resulting in some incredibly impressive feats over the years. As well as holding together a tectonic plate — the weight of which totals around 4 quintillion tons — the Hulk has even been able to damage the space-time continuum by literally punching through time. Able to lift entire stars and even halt Celestials in their tracks, there aren’t many Marvel characters as insanely overpowered as the Incredible Hulk. Serving as one of the Avengers’ founding members, the Hulk has had an on-again-off-again relationship with the team over the years thanks to his volatile personality but is still easily one of the heaviest hitters on the team has ever seen.



Although the debate of who’s more powerful between Thor and the Hulk has raged for decades, Stan Lee has long stated that the introduction of Thor in Journey Into Mystery #83 was done with the intention of creating a character feasibly capable of challenging the Hulk. Boasting Hulk-level strength, Thor may not be quite as strong as his rival, but more than makes up for it with a whole host of other superpowers, ranking highly even amongst the vastly overpowered gods featured in Marvel Comics.

Granted immortality by the mysterious Apples of Idunn, Thor is also capable of travelling at lightspeed, manipulating weather (most notably lightning) and is an unmatched warrior due to millennia of experience. Further boosted by mystical Asgardian equipment, Thor’s Belt of Strength effectively doubles his power, while his famous hammer Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in the Universe, allowing Thor to effectively channel his weather-based abilities, energy blasts and matter manipulation. Thor’s particularly impressive feats include escaping a black hole’s event horizon while carrying Red Hulk, ripping open dimensional portals with his bare hands, hitting so hard it was felt throughout time and knocking the Phoenix Force out cold. Keep in mind that he can do all of this without employing his God Blast, which is capable of destroying beings as powerful as Galactus, or becoming “Warrior’s Madness Thor” — which supposedly increases his power tenfold, easily cementing Thor as the most powerful Avenger of all time.

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