Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Henry Cavill’s Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso

The Witcher star Henry Cavill has found love in Natalie Viscuso and has broken millions of female fans’ hearts by announcing it on Instagram.

Henry Cavill and His New Bae

No idea how the guy had time to have a relationship. As far as we knew, he was always in that big armor and was going around with that white hair as Geralt.

But apparently, we all were wrong, and the actor has actually found love in Natalie Viscuso, who was introduced by the Witcher star on his Instagram.

Who is Natalie Viscuso?

Well, for one, she is the woman many wish to be and the one that actually got through Cavill and has his continuous attention now.

Other than that, she is the Vice President of Legendary Entertainment’s Television and Digital Studios. She has some really good connections inside the media section, and maybe that’s how they met.


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Cavill took to Instagram to share this message of him dating Natalie, and at the same time, Natalie also shared it with her friends on Instagram.

Natalie already has a following of 29k on Instagram, and you could check it out here.

Is Natalie Viscuso, Henry Cavill’s girlfriend, famous?

Well, she is actually connected, and you could see that she has even attended Golden Globes in the past, as seen on her page.

As to how they met is still a mystery. Probably through some shows or mutual friends. Well, that’s not it; Natalie Viscuso is also rich.

According to a fan, Natalie Viscuso actually was seen in an MTV Epic Sweet 16 video where the biggest sweet sixteen bashes were shown.

This show was back in 2005, and it had rich kids and their lavish birthday parties. Natalie Viscuso had an infamous line on it, and it goes like this, “I deserve everything I have because I’ve always been the nice girl, never just the rich girl.”

Cavill has had series of bad relationships, but he has never introduced anyone on his page or to fans. So, this is a first, and it looks like our star is in love, and we are here for it.




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