The Witcher Prequel Blood Origin Loses Its Female Lead, Jodie Turner-Smith

According to reports, the Witcher prequel, Blood Origin, had previously found its female lead in Jodie Turner-Smith, and now, the actress has left the show.

The unpredictable castings of the prequel 

The Witcher season 2 has been in the talks a lot lately, mainly because they just wrapped filming a few days back, and fans got to hear a lot of wonderful castings.

But the same can’t be said for the prequel series. From the beginning, fans have been disappointed with the castings of Blood Origin.

In the beginning, fans were sure that Jason Momoa would be the male lead of the show. Even the actor did his part of teasing the fans. But later, it was announced that Laurence O’Fuarain, of GOT and Viking fame, will be playing the male lead.


What’s going on with the prequel casting?

Well, for one thing, most of the people who have been dropping out claim that it is a schedule conflict. Even though Jason Momoa never confirmed the news, it is said that he may also have had the same problem.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, Jodie Turner has the same problem and has chosen to exit the show. The news about who will be chosen next is still a mystery.

Now this news comes after just weeks of announcing the male lead. We have no idea when the prequel will start filming, but many reports suggest that they will begin filming the prequel this summer.

Updates about the prequel!

The prequel, which is said to be a limited six-part series, will cover a lot of things the Witcher show couldn’t.

According to Netflix, the prequel will happen 1000 years before the Witcher’s current timeline and will give us everything from the Conjunction of Spheres, Elder Blood, to Witchers’ creation.

The show will dive deep into everything the Witcher couldn’t explain. We may have the characters from the prequel still living in the sequel, so we have no idea what Netflix has planned.

Now that The Witcher season 2 filming is over, Netflix can concentrate on its prequel.

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