Hidden Gem Manga You Should Be Reading!

Hidden Gem Manga

Reading manga is a common pastime nowadays. Since its beginning, the manga industry has produced more than fifty-thousand series. Here’s everything you need to know about the hidden gem manga you should be reading.

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Akabane Honeko No BodyguardAkabane Honeko No Bodyguard: Hidden Gem Manga

Although relatively new, Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard shows remarkable potential. Honeko Akabane is secretly the daughter of a yakuza boss. This secret results in many assassins trying to take her life, which she is unaware of. Her childhood friend, Ibuki Arakuni, vows to keep her safe until she graduates.

To aid him, Ibuki and Honeko’s entire class has elite assassins who pose as students. Ibuki has to balance protecting Honeko while making time to hang out with her.


Shy is a superhero action series revolving around a hero with the same name. In a world where each country has a representative hero, Teru Momijiyama, or Shy, represents the country of Japan. Befitting her name, Teru is a shy-introverted girl with issues speaking her mind.

After a bystander is injured during one of her rescues, she isolates herself in shame. However, after working alongside heroes from other countries, Shy begins to open up to people and discovers how heavy the burden of being a hero is. The series deals with serious topics like abandonment and depression realistically.

GokurakugaiGokurakugai: Hidden Gem Manga

Originally a one-shot manga made in 2020, Gokurakugai became a monthly serialization in mid-2022. The series follows the duo of Alma and Tao as they solve various problems in the mysterious Gokuraku District. On the sly, however, Tao and Alma investigate a slew of disappearances all over the district caused by Devils.

To combat these Devils, Tao uses his power as a Devil to exorcise them. While the supernatural manga only has a few chapters, it gained a notable audience in a short amount of time. The story is currently focusing on Tao’s inability to fight without Alma.

Wistoria’s Wand And SwordWistoria's Wand And Sword: Hidden Gem Manga

Wistoria’s Wand And Sword is a fantasy story about mages and dungeons. 17-year-old Will Serholt is the only student in his academy that can’t use magic. As a result, his peers ostracize him for lacking the prowess necessary to succeed in a magical society like theirs.

Despite his inability to use magic, Will’s physical prowess is unrivaled. His strength and speed are so great that it’s said to surpass lightning. Jealous of his skills, many people stand in his way to prevent him from becoming a peerless mage.

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Kanan-Sama Might Be EasyKanan-Sama Might Be Easy

Being the daughter of the Prince of the Underworld, Kanan Zebel portrayed herself as a heartless demon who devoured souls. In reality, she’s a kind-hearted teen whose naive to the simplest things. Kanan-Sama Might Be Easy is a romantic comedy that focuses on Beelzebub’s daughter as she falls in love with her first victim in the human world, Kyougi Youji.  You should read this hidden gem manga for it has a unique twist on an overused niche!

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