How Did Smart Hulk Change Back To Regular Bruce Banner In Shang-Chi Post Credit Scene?

How Did Smart Hulk Change Back To Regular Bruce Banner In Shang-Chi Post Credit Scene?

Now, after Wong pulls Shawn and Katy to the library to find out more about the Ten Rings, he invites other experts in the matter.

Surprise, surprise, it is Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner. The post-credit scene is already causing many theories, but one thing some might have missed is that Bruce Banner is back to his old self.

What happened to Smart Hulk?

Last we saw in Endgame, Hulk could no longer go back to his human size, and Banner had managed to fit his two personalities into one.

But as an unexpected shock, Bruce Banner, in the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi, is back to his human form.

This could only mean one thing, that She-Hulk events, as expected, have Bruce Banner turning back to his old self.

We are still unaware of what and how things happened, but we are only sure that all of the Phase 4 movies and shows have happened after the blip.

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When does Bruce Banner turn back to regular Hulk?

In the Infinity War movie, we saw him struggle to change himself to his green monster self, and that was due to the after-effects of things that transpired in Ragnarok.

But in Endgame, we were introduced to Smart Hulk. So now, all we know about Shang-Chi is that it takes place after the blip because both Katy and Shawn mention that.

Now, another indication is Carol Danvers hair which has grown long. So, if you look at this with just her hair length in mind, there are chances that Shang-Chi happened way after the events of Endgame.

Now that can explain how Bruce Banner is back to his normal self. There are chances that the events of She-Hulk happen immediately after the Endgame.

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