Why Is Wong Interested In Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings?

Why Is Wong Interested In Shang-Chi's Ten Rings?

Well, it looks like both Wong and Doctor Strange are interested in the Ten Rings, which Shawn got from his father.

Fans are praising Shang-Chi for being a wholesome movie filled with action and kick-ass fight scenes. While a lot of things were brought to light, from what happened to the Mandarin actor to what is Wong’s pass time, one thing has some fans confused.

At first, when we saw Wong pull Shawn and Katy to the Sanctorum, we thought maybe it was for No Way Home.

Clearly, Strange and Peter are at total capacity, so we thought they needed help. Now, that doesn’t look like it either.

Another reason for the Wizards (as our new cap calls) to be curious about this is because of  the increase of aliens and magical creatures and artifacts in the present.

If the Eternals are out of their hiding and Wong knew about what happened in another dimension in Shang-Chi, there are chances that he is making sure nothing causes a significant threat.

What are the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi made of?

Well, according to Carol Danvers, it is not of alien material. But, of course, that also explains why Thanos or others never mentioned it before.

Now, we have our Hulk back to his human form, Bruce Banner, to look into it. But what’s troubling the left-out Avengers is the signal the Rings keep emitting.

Is it sending the signal or receiving it, and if that’s the case, then who is it sending it to?

Some think that the Shang-Chi ties into Eternals. If that’s the case, we don’t have to wait for long to find out. It does look like something Eternals might have a connection to, but given that it is not of alien metal or make, it brings us back to square one.

Hope we get the answers soon.

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