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How Doctor Doom Could Surprise the Avengers & Kang?


While Doctor Doom has yet to debut in the MCU, the confirmation that Secret Wars and a Fantastic Four movie will arrive in the franchise easily serves as major hints that the famous Marvel villain will debut sooner rather than later. This is on top of the rumors that Doom could potentially have a brief role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

That said, this means that Doom could end up being part of both The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, meaning that a scenario where the Marvel villain ends up creating Battleword will happen and it could likely have a similar moment where Doom kills a major villain like Thanos.

The MCU never really had a villain vs. villain moment where the one kills the other, so showing this scene in either The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars could be a game-changer for the franchise.

Given that Doom is a master strategist in the comics, the MCU’s iteration could have a game plan in mind, and he could be aware of what Kang is really capable of. It’s possible that Doom could form an alliance with Kang at some point after his introduction, leading to a villainous team-up in the next two Avengers movies.

This isn’t the first time that Doom and Kang forged a team-up to achieve their respective goals. During the Infinity War crossover from Marvel Comics, the villainous pair tried to defeat Magus to take all the power that the cosmic being collected for themselves.

In the MCU, considering Doom’s menacing persona, the villain could double cross Kang in the end, with him killing the Conqueror at the end of The Kang Dynasty to fulfill his goal of becoming the ultimate villain for the heroes to defeat in Secret Wars. On the flip side, Doom could instead team up with the Avengers to defeat Kang, before betraying them at the end to set up Secret Wars.

At this stage, there’s a strong chance that The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are a two-part finale for the Multiverse Saga, similar to what Infinity War and Endgame did for the Infinity Saga.

This could mean that Avengers 5’s ending would be a cliffhanger, mirroring Thanos’ snap from Infinity War. This nail-biting finish could end with Kang being killed by Doom which could lead to the Multiverse being destroyed. Ultimately, this series of events could lead to a chaotic finish in Secret Wars, with everyone trying to stop Doom.

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to premiere in theaters on November 7, 2025.

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