How Is Thanos Connected To The Eternals?



The original story of Thanos is deeply connected to the Eternals in Marvel Comics, and that relationship can be translated into the MCU. In the comics, Thanos is actually Eternal.

Based on characters created by legendary Marvel Comics writer and artist Jack Kirby, Eternals tells the tale of a group of ancient immortals who lived on Earth for thousands of years.

The Eternals MCU is expected to review history by displaying scenes from a thousand years ago. Eternals is bound to touch on the distant past, and this movie could be a way for Marvel to use dead characters, Thanos being one of them. The background of Thanos can be expanded into the picture.


Thanos And The Eternals’ Backstory Explained

Eternals resemble humans but possess immortality; On the other hand, Deviants are a colossal failure. They have unstable DNA, and they look gigantic. They do not share the immortality of the Eternals. Because they could not socialize with humans, they built their own underground cities and fled.

The Eternals eventually established a base on Earth. Later, Kronos, the leader of the Eternals, conducted an experiment with cosmic energy, but it was a mistake, and the spread of energy permanently changed the genes of the Eternals. Though his race survived the accident, but the Kronos did not advance in any condition. Since his two sons, A’lars and Zuras, could not agree on who his successor could be, he decided to split the Eternals into two branches.


The Zuras founded the new city and became the leader of the Olympian Eternals, but the A’lars left the Earth and took a large number of Eternals with him. A’lars travelled to Saturn’s moon Titan and started a new settlement there. His Eternals collection became known as the Titanian Eternal.

While at Titan, A’lars had a son, Thanos, with an Eternal woman named Sui-San. At the time of the Earth’s cosmic event, Sui-San was actually in Titan, which gave the Eternals their powers, meaning Thanos had no powers. Interestingly, Thanos is associated with Thena by blood, as she is the daughter of Zuras; which means the two characters are in real first cousins.

Why Does Thanos Look Different Than The Other Eternals?

Because Thanos was born with Deviant Syndrome, Thanos is very rare in his people. With this strange mutation in Thanos’ DNA, Thanos has increased his abilities and has some physical similarities to dividends.

Could Thanos Be An Eternal In The MCU

The answer to this very question is quite unclear, but given the popularity of Thanos, Marvel is looking to make their comic book connection on the big screen.

Will Marvel’s Eternals movie have a chance to establish Thanos as an Eternal?

Infinity War has already referenced Red Skull’s reference to his father, A’lars, and it can be followed when the new movie narrates the history of the Eternals. Flashback to the mention of Deviant Syndrome and the disintegration of the Eternals to settle on Titan could tie one of the most popular characters back in the MCU.

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