How Long Is Elizabeth Olsen’s Marvel Contract?


Contracts are everything in the sci-fi world. For years, the story can go on if it is a hit or stop midway if it is a flop, and the contract Marvel has for Elizabeth Olsen is something fans did not see coming.

How long is Elizabeth Olsen’s contract with Marvel?

At first, when MCU only fans saw Elizabeth Olsen in Captain America: Civil War or the end credit of Winter Soldier, they did not expect her to become this force to be reckoned with.

No one saw her coming this long, well, except comic readers because they knew all along that she is the Scarlet Witch.

According to Olsen, her initial contact with Marvel was just for two films and one cameo. But things didn’t stay that way.

(L-R): Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Tommy (Jett Klyne), Vision (Paul Bettany), Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Is Elizabeth Olsen happy with her Marvel role?

Well, it sure does pay a hella amount and gives fans millions, but that is not all there is to life now, is it?

Elizabeth Olsen has seen her twin sisters grow up in the spotlight and see how the media tore them down. Last year it mildly happened for Olsen, too, when she did not share a RIP post for Chadwick Boseman.

People mourn in different ways, but fans did not take it that way and tore her apart that ended up in her deleting her Instagram account permanently.

But according to this recent statement from her, there are times that Marvel’s scheduling conflict has broken her heart too.


Will Elizabeth Olsen stay in Marvel for long?

Many of the old-timers in MCU are either dead or retired. But the story of Scarlet Witch has just begun even though we knew Wanda Maximoff for a long.

Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers Endgame

According to Olsen, she had just a short contract at first, and by now, she has gone through three rounds of contract with Marvel.

While the fact that she is taken only when there is a story to tell and not just because of a contract makes her happy, there is something that breaks her heart too.

I signed on for two and a cameo. I’ve gone through three rounds of contracts with Marvel already. I just do like advertisers–they never have me over for a big meal. And it has benefitted me because they only continue to use me not because they have to, but because they think there’s a story that can be used. So even though I’ve had scheduling conflicts that have broken my heart in certain moments, I have always felt like they have a plan for me.


We are definitely not done seeing her. Let’s hope Marvel and she feels the same way.


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