The impact of Scarlet Witch reveal on the MCU

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The impact of that Scarlet Witch reveal on the MCU

It’s an honest mistake, and not unusual for a viewer who’s not familiar with Wanda Maximoff’s life in the pages of Marvel Comics. While the Scarlet Witch has a rich backstory, Wanda had never actually been referred to on-screen as the Scarlet Witch until WandaVision’s big Agatha moment.

It had started to seem like viewers might never hear the name, after S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) mockingly asked during a briefing earlier in the series if Wanda had a “funny nickname.” As Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) replied, “Not a one.”


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There had also been speculation among fans that Marvel was hesitant to introduce the moniker into the movies because it could be considered antiquated and offensive to practicing Wiccans. As of Infinity War and Endgame, she seemed to be resisting the use of a secret identity — or, as Peter Parker (Tom Holland) would say, a “made-up name.”

As it turns out, Marvel was just waiting to spring the news in a more spectacular way, introducing new implications for the MCU as a whole (and the next Doctor Strange movie in particular) as a result of the introduction of Chaos Magic.

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