How Powerful Are Eternals In The Marvel Universe?

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The Eternals are a colorful bunch.

When the cosmic energy hits different.

Their abilities all differ, but what’s unique about them is that they can spec into certain abilities like an RPG character. So we’ll list their abilities, but keep in mind some are more proficient or potent in certain areas.

  • Energy Manipulation – Eternals can emit cosmic energy from their hands and eyes, proficient users are able to harm high-tier characters with their blasts of energy.
  • Enhanced Physiology – Their strength level is around the 20-ton range, but skilled Eternals can lift entire buildings and fight high tiers somewhat evenly. They are also durable enough to survive extreme temperatures like being exposed to lava.
  • Flight – Flying is always a useful ability, Eternals can fly past sonic speeds if they are skilled enough.

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  • Super Speed – Eternals are far faster than the finest human athlete, with extreme examples being able to move at relativistic speeds.
  • Psionics – Eternals can learn psionic based abilities, like telepathy and telekinesis. Some can even psionically teleport themselves, though the experience is uncomfortable.
  • Healing Factor – The only sure-fire way to kill an Eternal is to atomise them.

As you can see, Eternals have a wide array of abilities, they’re all a bit like Superman, except they can vary wildly.

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The Eternals are a very interesting concept, I’m excited to see how they’re portrayed on the big screen.

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