Kingdom Chapter 698 Release Date And Spoilers

The hype that Kingdom constantly gets you to feel even as it nears the 700th chapter mark is amazing and many fans thoroughly loved the latest installment. The previous chapter was packed and exciting and ended on such a thrilling note with the arrival of the King’s army.

What will happen in Kingdom Chapter 698? Sei is extremely livid and the moment of realization of the terrifying number of prisoners that were massacred was done really well. Meanwhile, Shin and Ten clash opinions as they decide what their next step would be.

So, ever since Chapter 697 was released, it’s no exaggeration to say we’re all collectively dying to know what happens next. Read on to find out everything we know about the upcoming chapter!

Kingdom Chapter 698 Release Date

Per the usual weekly schedule, Chapter 698 of Kingdom is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 697

Kingdom Chapter 698

Chapter 697 was quite an uproar as we saw the Qin officials getting livid along with a shocked Sei at the news of the huge number of prisoners massacred by Kanki. It was such a heated chapter throughout and then ended with a massive cliffhanger as Sei heads to where Kanki is with an entire army.

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We also witnessed the clash of opinions between Shin and Ten as Shin impulsively talks about confronting Kanki. However, an aggravated Shin is stopped by Ten who asks him to calm down and think about their position and warns him that it will become an all out war between the two units.

Ten further says that Shin is only a general while Kanki is one of the six greats and that this isn’t the right time to confront Kanki. Ten knows that news of Kanki’s massacre will be received with rage and that armies will arrive in full force.

Kingdom Chapter 698

So she declares that the Hi Shin Unit needs to create a line of defense for Kanki’s army as they would need time to recover at the moment. Shin retaliates that if they go ahead with this plan, Kanki will get away scot-free.

But Ten, in enraged frustrated tears, firmly states that Kanki will definitely have to face justice as he killed tens of thousands. Ten says that it’s not Shin’s job though, and that the one who will deal with this is Ei Sei.

The next panel shows a time skip of nine days as the King’s army heads to the frontline, with a determined looking Sei leading the group. This indicates that the stakes are extremely high right now and it was really the perfect ending to an exciting chapter, as we’re all collectively left reeling wondering what will happen to Kanki and what Sei’s intentions are.

Kingdom Chapter 698

What are Some Expectations for Kingdom Chapter 698?

No official spoilers are available as yet. The raw scans will probably be available one or two days before the official release. As for now, we can indulge in some fan speculations based on the events of the last chapter.

With the way the previous chapter ended, we can expect the next one to mainly be about an interaction between Ei Sei and Kanki. It’s not very likely that Kanki will be given an extreme punishment such as killing or banishment because no matter how terrible his methods are, Kanki did bring them victory.

Kingdom Chapter 698

Kanki’s punishment will probably be losing his title as one major focus in Chapter 697 too was regarding the lamentable decision of making Kanki one of the six greats. But it is also likely that Kanki will manage to manoeuvre his way out of this by pointing out that his treatment of the prisoners was out of necessity and not malice.

However, Sei will also not go easy on Kanki as the situation is very grave now and Sei needs to set an example. So Sei will probably bring Kanki under some sort of control. We may also expect to see what the Yotanwa and Ousen army were up to in those nine days’ gap.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 698 online? 

There are no legal sources to read the series from. You can access it here.

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