Had Infinity War Be Different if Captain America: Civil War didn’t happen?

Infinity war

Of course. Avengers: Infinity War would have been very different if the events of Captain America: Civil War had not happened.

Zemo was one of the biggest reasons The Avengers broke up (like a band). But Zemo just hit the final nail in the coffin.

Infinity War

The Avengers were already divided when Thaddeus Ross prepared the Sokovia Accords. But if the Accords weren’t introduced in the first place? The Avengers would have fought as a team instead of fighting on two different fronts.

Here’s how Infinity War would have changed:

Thanos would still have the power stone, space stone, reality stone, and soul stone. Now that Steve and Tony were on talking terms, the moment Banner showed up in front of Tony, Tony would have contacted Steve, and everyone would have assembled in the Stark Tower.

Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian would still have shown up, but this time, the Avengers would have defeated them on Earth instead of being drawn to space.

After locating Vision and Wanda, Stark could have suggested a better option to remove the Mind Stone from Vision. Wanda would have denied it if it had meant any harm to Vision.

With time ticking, Avengers would still have taken the final battle to Wakanda because of the open space, less casualties expected and the tech that Wakanda offers.

Now, the more important question,

Would the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War change if they had fought as one?

Not. Although the events of Captain America Civil War didn’t happen, Thanos still has four infinity stones. This already gives him an upper hand against the Avengers.

The final battle would have been epic. You would have gotten more one-on-one battle scenes with the Avengers and Thanos. But Thanos would still have won.

He would have gotten the stones, Thor still wouldn’t have gone for the head, and Thanos would still have done THE SNAP, wiping half of all living beings.

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