Why was Wanda so weak against Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive?


Wanda, if Avengers were a video game like Pokemon, it would be considered a “glass canon” in the meta like Alakazam. Super powerful magic/psychic powers, but physically an ordinary woman capable of being neutralised for the fight if she gets hit once by a swift enough acting foe.

Also, the Black Order was ready for her in Infinity War. They came to Earth well prepared, knowing who they would face. Meanwhile, Thanos in Endgame is actually from the past, so they probably had no information on how dangerous Wanda could be and weren’t prepared.

Why did Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive have a hard time defeating Captain America and Black Widow, but not Vision and Scarlet Witch? - Quora

Another factor to consider is maybe we can chalk up Wanda’s side of the fight to her not fully realizing her power’s full potential yet. She never read the Darkhold Book, she never had her mental breakdown that unleashed her uncontrolled powers on a whole town, using her powers was all relatively new.

The last time we saw her in Civil War, she had caused a minor incident by not being as skilled as she hoped she could be with her powers, so you could track a steady increase in her power level and capabilities in each movie she’s in, with Multiverse of Madness having her at her scariest peak power level and competence and training.

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