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Is Kakashi stronger than Orochimaru?


Kakashi Hatake took the Naruto fandom by storm when he was first introduced as an apathetic figure. Subsequently, he had gone through various challenges and learned new skills when he started as a jonin leader and eventually became a Hokage.

But is he stronger than Orochimaru?

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Kakashi and Orochimaru skills comparison

  • Chakra

Kakashi: The reserves of his chakra are quite average due to his Sharingan. However, his chakra reserves are increased after the Fourth Shinobi World War when he loses his Sharingan and when Naruto gives him the six-path chakra. Hence, he is now able to combat long battles and develop complex skills.


Orochimaru: Orochimaru on the other hand has large chakra reserves which are enough to summon Manda. Moreover, he can absorb an opponent’s chakra, skills, and knowledge through physical contact.


  • Nature Transformation

Kakashi: He can use all five basic nature transformations along with the yin and yang release. In addition, he is recognized for his lightning nature. He once used his Chidori to slice a bolt of lightning.

Orochimaru: Similarly, he can also use all the five basic nature transformations including the yin and yang. Moreover, he can use wind, earth, fire as well as wood release.



  • Intelligence

Kakashi: His intelligence was evident when formulated a plan to take down Kaguya with team seven. Moreover, it was because of him that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura defeated Kaguya in the ninja war.

Orochimaru: He acquired a substantial amount of knowledge when he worked for organizations such as ANBU and Akatsuki. Additionally, several times he used edo Tensei to fight against his stronger enemies.

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Although Kakashi is a highly skilled and talented Shinobi, his powers are still not strong enough to defeat Orochimaru’s intellect and techniques. Hence, the legendary Konoha sannin can easily triumph over the sixth Hokage anytime any day.

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