MCU: Fantastic Four Reboot’s New Writers Announced

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The reboot of Marvel’s Fantastic Four is one of the MCU’s most anticipated films, but also one of its most mysterious. Since the studio acquired the rights to the film in 2019, fans have eagerly awaited the MCU version of Marvel’s first family. Since then, the film has lost the crew of the skeleton Lucasfilmina, and Mr Fentastic has opened a multi -dedication version (immediately sends it), the favorite activity of John Krakinski, in which she starred in Dr. Beach, how many years of insanity .

Visitors learned more about the future movie after Marvel Studios in San -Diego humor. Now Marvel finally reveals the restoration of the authors. The Fantastic Four find their screenwriters. According to Deadline, Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer are writing the MCU Fantastic Four reboot.

Kaplan and Springer recently Warner Bros. The wedding disaster comedy, currently in development, is directed by Palm Springs director Max Barbago. Before director Matt Shukman joined the long-awaited project, the writing team was said to be working on rebooting Marvel’s first family and planning the future direction of the MCU.

Although Marvel Studios has yet to announce the cast of the Fantastic Four, the film, which kicks off the sixth phase of the MCU, is scheduled for release on November 8, 2024. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that the reboot will not be an original story. Marvel Studios future plans for Marvel. The big news is that Kaplan and Springer are working with Kevin Feige on the future of the Fantastic Four and the MCU. Also, this should relieve those concerned about the program’s lack of MCU connection and progression.

Fantastic Four is an important project for the Marvel Studios brand, as Fox’s two previous efforts failed, and the film kicks off an MCU phase that includes Avengers: Kong Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. Since the two Feigs are writing the film’s script, and that’s before Shugman joins, the Fantastic Four won’t have the creative vision of a single director. Instead, fans should expect much of the MCU’s upcoming game plan. This may be one of the reasons why Kaplan and Springer did not write an original story for the reboot.

Fantastic Four

Let’s take a look at why Feige and Marvel Studios chose this future team to write the Fantastic Four and the possibilities beyond. But these reasons will become clear in 2024. The “Fantastic Four” premiere is November 8, 2024.

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