Is Lloyd Hansen Sierra Six’s Brother?

Lloyd Hansen

While we are happy that Lloyd is no more, we are left with a big dilemma, is he the brother Sierra Six protected.

What would possibly spark this idea in our minds, well, the behavior of Lloyd Hansen, where he appears psychologically deranged, corroborated by his douchebag mustache, helps our case.

While we have never heard of Sierra Six’s name for most of the film, at one point where we see Six talking to Dani Miranda, we get why Sierra Six was in prison when Fitzroy recruited him.

While we see that Six’s father also was a deranged person who tortured his brother, in the final scenes of Llyod, we see him being waterboarded by his dad too in his childhood, which has left us wondering if he was Six’s little brother that wanted protection.


Since Six has nothing on his folder, there is a chance Lloyd never realized that he was his brother too. Netflix has left us to figure it out, so let us know your thoughts.

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