Is Lone Wolf A Good Guy? The Gray Man

Lone Wolf

While we are still in stuck and malfunctioning over the fact that we no longer have our too good by the rule book, Captain America alive, we at least have Lone Wolf, well, we guess.

While an Army of men hired by the douche of a man, Llyod failed spectacularly, he had one trump card, his sexy Tamil friend, Lone Wolf.

Even though Lone Wolf single-handedly managed to get the asset back to Llyod, one thing stops his chain when he enters the palace: he heard a kid had to die.

While he still fights with the bad guys by their side, he finally realizes there is no honor in these men and gives up the asset to Dani Miranda and goes off without his payment.

To be frank, the Lone Wolf character won our hearts with his character and the extremely breathtaking way he appeared in his suit.

So, the conclusion, Lone Wolf is a man of honor and extreme handsomeness, we just love him, get him in the second installment if you have one, Netflix!

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