Is Michael B Jordan The First Black Superman?

Michael B Jordan

According to the rumors, Michael B Jordan is in the run to become the first Black Superman, and he finally opens about what he thinks about it.

DC Catching up with Marvel?

Marvel recently gave up a big white superhero who actually lived up to the legends, and that didn’t take much time for them to replace it with an African-American.

Marvel also introduced Isaiah Bradley and brought in a lot of messages by doing so. Marvel has always been one step ahead when it came to these kinds of stuff, and DC is quietly getting its deck together and about to become a worthy opponent.

There have been a lot of rumors that DC is bringing in a black Superman for a change and that Henry Cavill, who every DC fan loves, will no longer be playing the caped hero.

Will DC bring the next Black Superman?

Black Superman in Comics
Black Superman in Comics

There are chances that it might be true. If not Michael B Jordan, then it’s someone else. Because when Jordan was asked about it, he didn’t seem to deny it, but he didn’t seem to agree with the same.

“I mean, I don’t know. I think you know there’s a… I don’t really know what is going on with that in particular. But I think everybody’s want and desire to see Black leads and heroic roles I think is really important. Representation is important.”

“So, there’s, like I said, [there are] so many opportunities with different IPs, different properties, different characters that never got the light of day… Know what I’m saying? So, let’s just see how things shake out.”

According to the second last line, he says, “There’re certain ones that should just be where they are” now, this makes sense. Many fans won’t be on board for a Black Superman yet, so him worrying about that makes sense.

Is It okay to make Superman Black all of a sudden?

We should all empower our fellow humans, but making an already established hero suddenly black won’t prove anything.

Frankly, fans will just be irritated with it, and the character will receive many backlashes. Now with Marvel, it was different.

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was done with it and passed on the mantle to Falcon, who deserved it, and while Flacon shaped into the hero he needs to be to carry the shield, we got to see Isaiah Bradley, who shows us how privileged white people were.

We got a lot of history going on, and Sam Wilson taking charge made the most sense. Also, the government had selected one exactly like Steve Rogers, and he didn’t work out now, did he?

Anyway, if we have a new next-generation Superman, we get it; otherwise, it is just precarious to make a well-established superhero black all of a sudden.





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