Who Will Win In The Fight Between Naruto And Delta?


Without a doubt, Naruto and Kara members are set to meet and fight at one point, and the first one to fight Naruto from Kara will be Delta.

Long live the Hokage of Hidden Leaf

Naruto Uzumaki is no more the unpredictable Ninja he was. He could go against the likes of Madara and Kaguya and win without shedding blood.

Naruto has not only gotten everything he ever wanted, but he has also gotten things he never thought he would.

The world is in awe of his powers, and there is no one other than Sasuke that we could consider a worthy rival for him.


We know that he will give his life in order to protect the village. He was ready to do it when he was a kid, and now he would do it without a blink.

Naruto Vs Delta Manga
Naruto Vs Delta Manga

Delta and Naruto in a face-off for Kawaki

The lengths Naruto would go to protect anyone he likes is something we are already aware of. Kawaki is no exception, and we already know that Naruto sees him as family.

There is no way on Earth Naruto will let Kara take Kawaki away from him. So, as a result, by the next episode, Delta comes into contact with Naruto.

And by the 198th episode, they both begin their fight. Every kid that he took this week to the ground will be present, including Himawari.


The fight is an all-out battle for Naruto, where he finds out the powers Kara holds.

Who wins the fight? Naruto or Delta?

We knew Delta was powerful, and we saw how much power an Outer had when we saw Deepa in action, so there is no doubt Delta is going to be powerful.

If you don’t want spoilers, leave now and don’t continue reading.

Delta was able to fight Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode, which not many can do. Naruto was thrown of seeing her power but still wins the fight against her with his massive Rasengan.


Delta dies as a result of this in the manga, but she is also resurrected by Amado later in the lab with the latest technologies available to Kara.










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