9 Times Johnny Depp Wasted His Money on Extravagant Things


Johnny Depp is currently embroiled in dueling lawsuits. Two things are clear that Depp makes a ridiculous amount of money and spends even more than he makes. The actor is worth millions. Reportedly, he has made $650 million and lost them in just 13 years. We are not judging him, but we are rather impressed. Here are the most extravagant things Johnny Depp spent his money on.

1. $30,000 per month on wine

According to Business Insider, this wine that Johnny Depp that drinks were “flown in from all over the world for personal consumption.



2. $200,000 per month for flying in private jets

It will make sense to you when you know that commercial flights don’t let you bring your personal collection of wine aboard.



3. $400,000 for a single diamond cuff

You will lose your mind when you know that he impulsively bought this diamond cuff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this purchase was not the carefully considered investment most diamond cuffs are.

4. Millions on guitars

For those who don’t know, Johnny Depp is also a rockstar. So, it makes sense for him to own 70 guitars. He is a guy who really, really likes rock and roll.



5. Millions on the artworks

He has 200 art pieces in his collection and includes artists like Andy Warhol and Amedeo Modigliani. He also has 3 Leonor Fini paintings from a Manhattan gallery.

6. Millions on Hollywood memorabilia

Johnny Depp is the world’s most organized hoarder. Do you know why? Because he allegedly needs 12 storage facilities to contain the old stuff of yesteryear’s Hollywood legends, which he owns as a tribute to them. He spends around a million dollars to achieve the collection.

9 Times Johnny Depp Wasted His Money on Extravagant Things

7. $3 or $5 million for a “specially made cannon” to blast Hunter S. Thompson’s Ashes over Aspen, Colorado

Yes, he actually did this. But TMG says he spent $3 million, while he claims they[TMG] were so negligent with their accounting that they didn’t even realize it was $5 million. Either way, it is a fitting epitaph.



8. $3.6 million annually for a 40-person staff

In addition to Johnny Depp’s personal assistants and around-the-clock security detail for him and his family. Each of his residences also is fully staffed.

9. $5.35 million for three islands in the Bahamas

Owning the beach house is cliche, but owning a beach is not!

9 Times Johnny Depp Wasted His Money on Extravagant Things


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