Jujutsu Kaisen: Five Time Nobara Kugisaki Stealing The Spotlight

Here is everything you need to know about Nobara Kugisaki stealing the spotlight.

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Nobara Hilariously Punished Yuji For Secretly Coming Back To LifeNobara Hilariously Punished Yuji For Secretly Coming Back To Life: Nobara Kugisaki Stealing The Spotlight

Even though Nobara pretends that she’s not fond of her first-year classmates, she was clearly distraught following Yuji’s death. When Yuji popped out of the crate it didn’t quite evoke the reaction he respected. While he believed everybody would have been happy to see that he was alive, his friends just looked appalled.

Nobara was legitimately grieving the loss of her friend, so it was shocking to see him alive. Nobara forced Yuji to hold a funeral portrait frame around his head while on his knees.

Nobara Didn’t Give Up Against Haruta

Though Haruta Shigemo is a powerful curse user, this didn’t faze Nobara. She held her own against him until Nanami arrived on the scene. After witnessing Haruta injure Akari, Nobara closed the distance between herself and the curse user.

Though she took several injuries, Nobara never stopped fighting. Even when Haruta punched her several times, she strategically bought time. Though the fight was surely traumatic for Nobara because of Haruta’s sadistic attacks on Akari, Nobara proved her bravery and never surrendered.

Nobara Proved She Has What It Takes To Be A Jujutsu SorcererNobara Proved She Has What It Takes To Be A Jujutsu Sorcerer

Nobara joined the rest of the first years at Jujutsu High. Satoru wanted to put her through the wringer so she could prove her guts in the face of a dire situation. Satoru told Yuji and Nobara to exorcise all the curses in the building. Inevitably, Nobara passed Satoru’s test with flying colors.

After Nobara destroyed a mannequin, a cursed spirit appeared. It held a young boy hostage. After Yuji saved the boy and cut off one of the spirit’s arms, Nobara handled everything else. These proved to Satoru that Nobara has the guts to become a sorcerer.

Nobara Invited The Death Painting Siblings To Play A Game Of Chicken

Eso and Kechizu unleashed their Rot Technique on Nobara and Yuji. The sorcerers were hit by their poisonous blood. This technique causes rapid decomposition upon infection. However, Nobara bravely activated her Resonance as a counterattack.

She stabbed herself in the wrist with a cursed energy-infused nail. Nobara invited the Death Painting siblings to play a game of chicken. The counterattack had instant results, instantly injuring the brothers.

Nobara Doesn’t Care About What Others ThinkNobara Doesn't Care About What Others Think: Nobara Kugisaki Stealing The Spotlight

During the Goodwill Event, Momo tried to provoke Nobara into an argument. She lectured her about the difference between the expectations of female sorcerers versus those of male sorcerers. Nobara quickly forced the third-year sorcerer to get off her soapbox.

Nobara throws her nails throughout the forest to activate her Straw Doll technique. She shut down Momo’s ridiculous strawman argument, saying that she loves herself no matter how she looks.

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