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Five Saddest Moments In Jujutsu Kaisen

Here is everything you need to know about the saddest moments in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Wasuke Itadori’s Death Left A Mark On The SeriesWasuke Itadori's Death Left A Mark On The Series

Even though it was just a brief scene, the death of Yuji’s grandfather was pretty sad. It left its mark on the series and made fans wonder where the rest of Yuji’s family was. Wasuke’s dying words became Yuji’s greatest encouragement, and he carried them with him throughout his journey as a sorcerer.

Wasuke acknowledged his grandson’s strength and told him to help others so he’d be surrounded by people on his deathbed. Even though fans don’t know much else about Wasuke, this scene was impactful.

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Yuji Died In Front Of Megumi After Sukuna Ripped His Heart OutYuji Died In Front Of Megumi After Sukuna Ripped His Heart Out: Saddest Moments In Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna ripped Yuji’s heart out to hold his body hostage before the latter could regain control. Megumi believed in Yuji’s strength and told Sukuna that his friend would find a way to regain control. Megumi and Sukuna fought for a while, but Yuji didn’t regain control until the end.

Ultimately, Yuji was moved by Megumi’s confession that he would never regret saving him. He regained control, praised Megumi’s abilities, and then collapsed in front of his friend, dying instantly.

Kokichi Deserved A Second ChanceKokichi Deserved A Second Chance

Kokichi worked with the enemy, but it was only because he wanted to finally heal his body. Unfortunately, he suffered the consequences of working with Mahito’s group. After a long, brutal battle against the patchwork curse, Kokichi was defeated.

He delivered a message to Yuji on the day the Shibuya Incident started to give him a heads up about what was happening. Even more heartwrenching, he finally confessed his feelings for Miwa and said his final wish was to protect her so she could live a happy life.

Junpei’s Death Was BrutalJunpei's Death Was Brutal: Saddest Moments In Jujutsu Kaisen

Junpei Yoshino was a cynical teenager who was constantly bullied. This made him apathetic to the world. His descent was sped up, of course, by Mahito. The patchwork curse preyed on this vulnerable boy’s psyche to experiment on him.

Mahito wanted to see how far he could push Junpei. When Yuji finally talked Junpei down and tried to help him visualize a brighter future, it was already too late. Mahito crudely transfigured Junpei’s body before killing him.

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Nanami’s Death Was Designed To Crush Yuji’s SoulNanami's Death Was Designed To Crush Yuji's Soul: Saddest Moments In Jujutsu Kaisen

Nanami was pretty beaten up after his fight with Dagon. He limped around, thinking about retiring and heading to Malaysia to read books in peace. Mahito unleashed a mob of transfigured humans, which Nanami quickly defeated.

Then, he had his final confrontation with Mahito. Yuji arrived on the scene at the last minute, and before he could help, Mahito activated Idle Transfiguration. Right before his death, Nanami told Yuji, “You’ve got it from here.” Then, Nanami’s chest was blown up right in front of Yuji.

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