Johnny Depp Brings Solid Video Evidence Against Amber Heard


For the fans who have been on Johnny Depp’s side from the beginning, they have solid good news now as hardcore evidence against Amber Heard has come to light.

Why does Amber Heard lie?

Well, god knows why. But this time, Amber Heard and her friend’s lies are caught, and this new evidence may have completely swayed the judgment towards Johnny Depp’s side.

Amber Heard has claimed some humongous allegations against Depp. Many were debunked, but the UK court found evidence of basic harassment somehow and gave the judgment in Heard’s favor.

Many even started to think if Depp was really that bad, but loyal fans never thought that he would be that bad.

Johnny Depp and Amber
Johnny Depp and Amber in “The Rum Diary.”

Every loss Johnny Depp faced because of Amber Heard’s UK judgment

Johnny Depp lost two of his most significant contracts. One as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and another one in Fantastic Beasts.

The Sun, including many UK tabloids, tore down Johnny Depp’s image and had a good time making him look like the villain.

But from the beginning, Johnny had accepted that he has a problem with drinks but swore he never touched anyone in his drunken state. Even his ex-wife gave a statement to that.

But, Amber Heard never gave up.


What did Amber Heard and her friends tell?

Well, according to her friend at a deposition, this one particular night, Amber Heard was very badly beaten up by Johnny Depp.

That day she and her friends claimed that Johnny broke wine bottles throughout the house and had spilled it all over the floors and the walls, leaving the house looking exactly like a crime scene.

Her friend claimed that the flowers, fruits, and everything was thrown all over.

According to Rocky Pennington, Amber’s friend, Johnny was “hitting everything with the wine bottle and just smashing it off. So, there were fruits on the floor and baskets and, you know, glass bottles and flowers.”


Heard corroborated this by saying, “He broke a lot of glass things that left the glass on the floor. When Johnny walked out into the hallway, you could see wine spilled all over the ground and wine on the walls. And so, I knew that at least he had gone through there and was like sloshing wine anywhere.”

But here’s what happened.

On the said day, Heard had called in for domestic violence, but the officers, Tyler Hadden and Melissa Saenz, the domestic violence specialist who came just 15 minutes later, didn’t have their body cams on.

But Saenz has told in her deposition that “I did not identify her as a victim of domestic violence. We met with the victim, we checked the location, the husband wasn’t there, and that the victim advised us she wasn’t going to give us further information.”

Then two hours later, another set of officers came home with their body cam on. This footage was received from them.


According to these videos, the house looks pristine clean, and tidy and looks nothing like the house Amber Heard or her friend Rocky Pennington claimed it to be like.

This just proves that Amber Heard has been lying a lot, and this actually may come in favor of Johnny Depp in the case this month.

It’s impossible to get wine stains off the wall and the floor within 2 hours, so there is no way Amber Heard could come with more lies, but still, we can expect something from her.


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