Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 57

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About Kaiju No 8

Kaiju monsters assault the Japanese people on a daily basis, and the Japanese Defense Force is entrusted with eliminating them. Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro, lifelong friends, pledged to join the Defense Force after their town was destroyed by kaiju when they were children.

Kafka, on the other hand, failed and later joined the crew that cleaned up the scene after the Kaiju fight. The Defense Force dubs Kafka “Kaiju No. 8” because of his capacity to transform into a monster.

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Recap of Kaiju No 8 Chapter 59

Since Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60 has not been released yet, we can go over Chapter 59. Captain Shinomiya asks for the status of the artillery unit. He gets the response that his efforts have still proven ineffective against the Honju. They spot a big monster in a distance and know that it is the King of Kaiju. 

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60


Fourth Division Captain Juugo Ogata is drinking on duty and he is lamenting that he is stuck with one hell of a problem child. He talks about Kaiju No 6 as being ingrained in people’s memories forever. Meanwhile, Reno Ichikawa is ready to fight. 

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60


But he is made to first undergo a compatibility test. Ogata advises him to drop the test and he feels like he is sucking up his strength. But Reno is not ready to back down and he is adamant that he will wear No 6 on the battlefield. 

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60

Spoilers for Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60

Official spoilers are not out yet but we speculate that Reno will undergo the compatibility test and probably pass with ease. And then he will face the Kaiju and fans must prepare for a grand fight. 

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Release Date of Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60 will be released on 14 April 2022. 

Where to Read Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60 

You can read the three latest chapters of Kaiju No 8 on Viz Media legally for free. To read all of them, you would have to get a subscription. Another website, Manga Plus is also a great website for reading manga.


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