Kanye West President of the United States Drama

Kanye West, time and again, proves that you should never meet your idol and also never follow him on social media.


Kanye for President?

Kanye West and his Twitter rants are something we got used to by now, but this never…. Yeah, not talking about him peeing on his Grammy in his toilet. Talking about this, “Kanye West decided to run for the President of the United States of America.”


Elon Musk must be sent to Space

There haven’t been any big celebrity endorsements for him other than himself, and some crazy ones like Elon Musk and some rappers and the Kardashian clan. He cast his vote yesterday and obviously voted for himself. We reckon that only he might be the only person who voted for him.


Kim, anti-Kanye?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

According to fans, Kim Kardashian’s activity on Twitter shows that even she doesn’t support his presidential run. Fans have pointed out that Kim has liked posts that ask people to vote for Biden and no one else. Probably Kim has some sense in this area, maybe?


Jennifer Anniston Serving it Hot

While sharing with Americans why it’s essential to vote, Jennifer Aniston also asked the people not to find it funny and vote for Kanye. Kanye West contesting for election might be a joke, but he and his fans dividing the votes can be injurious for the election result everyone has been waiting for.


Virgin Voter

Kanye West voted and posted a video of his ballot where he has selected his name for the President of the United States category. What fans immediately noticed was that he hasn’t voted for any other position on the ballot.


Kanye West is a first-time voter and guess what? Instead of getting a First time Voter sticker, he decided to split the votes and run for Presidency. Even though it’s funny to us, it’s definitely not the same for the people whose future depends on this election.


Kanye and his Drama

Kanye West is known for doing crazy things, and this might be the craziest of them all. If his drama causes Joe Biden his seat, then probably Americans will be furious.

Kardashian clan is no stranger to crazy or drama either, but the thought of being the first family makes me cringe. Probably might make KUWTK episodes in the White House (cringeeeeee)!


Does he Know How many states are there?

Does Kanye even know how to run a country? I don’t think he even knows how to run his family, let alone a massive country like America. Sometimes celebrities do crazy things, and we are used to it by now, but sometimes they are just so outlandish that makes us think, “What on Earth are they famous for again?”


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