Spider-Man 3: Bad News for SpiderVerse Theory Fans


According to a post on Instagram, fans got hold of an Instagram Story Screenshot of Benedict Cumberbatch’s personal hairstylist and makeup artist.

Strange is Here!!

The screenshot was taken from a private account of Donald Mclnnes. In the story, we could see him sharing a salon space picture with him tagging the location Atlanta, Georgia.

Now with the Spider-Man 3 cast already there, we knew it was just days before Doctor Strange visits the set for shooting his part.

Bad News For Spideryverse Fans

Doctor Strange Using Time Stone


But here’s the bad news that comes for fans from this picture. According to Benedict Cumberbatch, the Multiverse of Madness shooting is scheduled to start in early November. And from Elizabeth Olsen’s stunt double, we found that they will be joining the cast in two weeks because she has already gone into two-week mandatory self-isolation.

What do these two weeks have to do with us? It’s simple! That means Benedict will either have a very small role in Spider-man 3, or he might just appear in the post-credits scene.


Another Theory down the drain?

Since we know the shooting time for Benedict Cumberbatch is less, there are many many chances that his role is limited, thus flushing down the theory of fans that it is a multiverse movie and that Doctor Strange is here to help Peter Parker deal with villains from Multiverse.

Sorry to say this, guys, but it looks like the possibility of Multiverse is drastically reducing day by day.


God of MischiefLoki-Escaping-in-Avengers-Endgame.png

But there’s one small good news. According to the Instagram account, Atlanta_Filming, Spider-man 3 set, and Loki set are adjacent. So as soon as fans saw that, they have this wild theory that Loki will help Peter Parker with Multiverse problems.

If that’s true, then it is probably Loki doing some tricks because…. remember? The Loki in MCU right now is the Loki who escaped after the New York disaster so, I don’t think he will be helping Peter Parker. He will probably trick him into getting something done.

God knows what’s running on the writer’s mind, so…Fingers crossed!!

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