Kengan Omega Chapter 140 Release Date and Spoilers

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With the surprise entry of Kure Eroih in Raian’s fight, Kengan Omega Chapter 140 is going to be an exciting chapter. The stage is set for a brutal and bloodthirsty battle for the fighters. Also, what will Terashi do next?

Will Raian and Eroih be able to be the badass they are this time? Anyway, that doesn’t change the excitement of the fans for the upcoming chapter. Here are all the details you need to know, scroll down and have a look for yourself.

Kengan Omega Chapter 140 Release Date:

Kengan Omega Chapter 140 is all set to release on December 23, 2021. The manga usually releases on a weekly basis, every Thursday. As of now, there is no news of a delay.

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A Recap of Kengan Omega Chapter 139:

The chapter begins with Terashi forcefully entering Nicolas’ hospital room to kill him. But when he gets there, Nicolas is in confusion with his own self. Looking at him babbling between Jean-Luc and Le Banner, Terashi decides to leave. As he was there to kill Le Banner and at that moment, he wasn’t there.

akoya seishu kengan omega chapter 140

Cut to the next panel and we see Akoya Seishu still not over with his last fight. He laments over his weakness and proclaims to himself that he’s not strong enough to enact justice. On the other side, we have a runner who’s escaping from the rabbit hole of monsters. Alas, he is caught by Mitsuyo and Joji.

Then, we have the fight between the Wu brothers and Kure Raian that was left hanging in the previous chapter. While Raian is on the ground bleeding, Edward is taunting him on how weak of an assassin he is. Before leaving, Fabio kicks the fallen assassin but Raian was able to defend himself. 

And that’s how boys and girls, the fight between Raian and Wu brothers once again commences. While Fabio and Solomon are fighting Raian, Edward lays out his plan to be the next successor. Although Raian is outnumbered, he is still trying to fight back.

edward kicks raian kengan omega

Seeing that Raian is getting a bit out of hand, Edward kicks him so that he regains his senses. He then goes on to say that he knows the fight is unfair but it is what it is. And the next thing we see is Kure Eroih stabbing Fabio with his sword. Now, it’s all down to Kure and Raian & Edward and Solomon.

What Can You Expect From The Next Chapter?

Now that Eroih is here, Raian can take some breather. However, it won’t last for long as Edward and Solomon are still there and it’ll be a bloody battle. One can only hope for what we have for Kengan Omega Chapter 140.

kure eroih in Kengan Omega Chapter 140

The next chapter might also focus on Akoya and further provide some info on how he’s dealing with the loss. Furthermore, it can also cover the story of the runner who was unfortunately caught by Mitsuyo and Joji.

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Where to read Kengan Omega?

There is no official website to read the English translations of Kengan Omega. However, you can always check out fan translation websites to access the upcoming chapters. Kenganomega and Comikey are some excellent websites to read fan translations of the manga.

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