Takt Op Destiny Episode 12 Release Date and Spoilers

takt op destiny

It’s pretty cool that  everyone is now  waiting for Takt Op Destiny Episode 12. I mean there’s every reason to – Orpheus vs Takt and Destiny is on the way. Furthermore, the reveal of Sagan as the primary antagonist has only brought chaos and destruction. 

So, what awaits Takt and Destiny in their journey now? What will happen next? As of now, we can only wait for the next episode. To make it a bit easy for you, here are all the release details you need. Scroll down and enjoy.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 12 Release Date:

Takt Op Destiny Episode 7 is all set to release on December 21, 2021. The new episodes come on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

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A Recap of Takt Op Destiny Episode 11:

The episode begins with Lotte telling Anna that she’ll do everything to save Takt and Destiny. After listening to how determined her sister is, Anna feels a sense of relief and says that she’ll also do her best. While they’re having a discussion, Sagan is performing some sort of ritual that gave birth to D2s in Symphonica HQ.

takt, titan and destiny

The news regarding Symphonica spreads like a wildfire and it’s on the news too. Takt also get to know about it and he along with Destiny and Titan go to rescue Anna and Lotte. Also, we see several musicarts fighting the D2s to keep them off the city.

And while Anna is trying her best to keep Lotte out of harm’s way, a D2 attacks them. But there’s no need to panic as Walkure got there at the right time. On the other hand, our protagonists decide to join Titan in her quest of defeating Sagan. However, there are a lot of D2s standing against the trio and Sagan. Eventually, they do defeat them; but it takes quite a heavy toll on Takt and he collapses.

A Cry For Help:

Meanwhile, Walkure is fighting off several D2s at once to protect Anna and Lotte. And after a while, the trio arrives to the rescue too. Turns out, Takt was only unconscious for a few minutes but he’s also nearing his end.

Regardless, Takt orders Titan to take Walkure and both the sisters out of there. He is willing to put his life on the line in order to protect music.

anna kissing takt

In the process, Anna cries and yells at Takt but what was more surprising was that she kissed him too. After coming to an understanding with what Takt wants, Anna lets him go.

Takt and Destiny move towards the epicenter of all the chaos only to find a horde of D2s. As both of them are preparing to fight the D2s, Heaven and Hell appears. After having a small chit-chat, they combined together to become Orpheus.

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

Takt and Destiny find themselves in quite an extreme situation as they’re against a completely new enemy. The amalgamation of Heaven and Hell standing in front of them can prove to be the end of their journey.

orpheus takt op destiny

Although, it might not happen as Titan and Walkure will most likely join them in their fight later on. Also, Titan did say that she’ll come as soon as she can after putting the sisters out of harm’s way.

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Where To Watch It?

You can watch the action-fantasy anime on Crunchyroll. For the Asian fans (in some countries only), it is available on Ani-One Asia and Bilibili.


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