Kengan Omega Chapter 150 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details


Things are getting pretty exciting in the Kengan Omega universe and so, here’s everything you will want to know about Kengan Omega Chapter 150

About Kengan Omega

A street fight between two unusual warriors in an alley is witnessed by Yamashita Kazuo, a Nogi Group average salaryman. Nogi Group CEO Nogi Hideki scouts Tokita “Ashura” Ohma, one of the combatants, after defeating their previous opponent in a street brawl.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 149 Recap

Meanwhile, a strange masked spy in a mountainous area notifies another suspicious man with a large build and long hair that Edward and Howard Wu have passed away.


 Kengan Omega, Chapter 150

A police officer checks an old man’s luggage because he looks a bit shady, and the old guy surprisingly produces a bomb exploding and killing everyone with no survivors. Once again, the Worm has outdone himself.

Meanwhile, announcer Katahara Sayaka and ref Shiina Alisa present Utsubuki Kokuro “Wolf Soldier” and his opponent Narushima Koga, the “Fist-Eye” in a televised bout. Narushima Koga has resumed his Kengan battles after a six-month hiatus. When Kokuro inquires about how he discovered Purgatory, Koga responds that working two jobs at the same time provided him with double the experience.

Kokuro strikes, but because of Koga’s reaction, Kokuro’s attack is cut short. Kokura throws a barrage of punches at Koga, but he is able to defend himself.


 Kengan Omega Chapter 150

Kengan Omega Chapter 150 Spoilers

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You can get the spoilers for the upcoming chapter only when the raw scans are released around two to three days before the official release date. So, you will most likely get them by the 7th of March 2022.

Kengan Omega Chapter 150 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 150 is scheduled to get released on the 9th of March 2022. Kengan Omega keeps their release schedule on a weekly basis.


Where To Read

The English translations of Kengan Omega are not available on any official website. However, there are many fan translation websites, Kenganomega and Comikey, two excellent websites, from where you can read the upcoming chapters and they both include fan translations of the manga.

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