Kevin Feige Wants Scarlett Johansson To Partner With Marvel After Black Widow Too

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Scarlett Johansson has been with Marvel ever since they began revolutionizing the cinematic experience. She has stayed loyal without causing any trouble for the Studios, so Feige is not done with the actor.

Even though Scarlett Johansson recently said that she is done with the Black Widow role, this comment from the head of Marvel gives a ray of hope for fans.

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While promoting Black Widow, Kevin Feige made this comment sending fans into a state of complete shock and elation.

Scarlett Johansson was a producer on this film. She was the one that brought us our amazing director, Cate Shortland, and I am excited to continue working with her in any way possible if we’re so lucky.

But fans should, as usual, take this with a grain of salt, Feige could’ve just said this because Johansson is already a producer on the Black Widow film and meant that he would love to have her in that panel more.

Will there be a sequel to the Black Widow movie?

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This might be the most asked question now by fans and interviewers to Johansson. Even though we don’t know exactly, the answer might have something to do with having a sequel but not keeping Black Widow alive.

Well, that is, having someone take over her mantle, the best candidate, Yelena Belova. So, yes, there might be a sequel to the movie because we already know that the Yelena character is here to stay.

She is already in the Hawkeye series, so having a sequel for her is not impossible. Anyway, Feige’s comment could be taken in many senses.

So, don’t put up your hopes for Black Widow revival. That is pretty much out of the question as far as Johansson and Marvel are concerned.

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