Why Did TVA Let Captain America Go Back To Peggy Carter? TVA’s Master Plan Being Exposed Finally


If you ask a comic fan, they will definitely have many complaints about how Endgame was handled.

Endgame did nerf many characters and made some look like useless potatoes who otherwise can tear up a planet.

With every complaint we have about Hulk being made into whatever he was in the Endgame, and with fat Thor and other controversial scenes, one thing that stuck out was Steve Rogers choosing Peggy Carter over protecting the planet.

Captain America of the Avengers

Why did Steve Rogers go back to Peggy Carter?

For an average human to make this choice is beyond normal. But for someone like Steve Rogers, who would wake up any night to stop even a cockroach from harming his country, that was definitely out of character.


Yes, we get that Peggy Carter deserved him, and he deserved her, but this never made sense to anyone because it was out of character for Steve Rogers.


Now, if he has done that as soon as he came out of ice, maybe we can get it. But after everything he went through to stand up for himself and fighting for the good, to the extent of becoming a fugitive, him going back for love even after seeing that the Earth just lost its best defender, that’s just plain insulting.

Why didn’t the TVA stop Steve Rogers?

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TVA Building

Now comes the question of “why didn’t TVA stop him?” Going back in time for fighting Thanos, we get it. But Steve Rogers going back, letting chaotic and on the edge people like Wanda Maximoff without any supervision made us wonder what TVA was up to.


We were convinced that maybe they had a point, but now that we know TVA was not who it claims to be, we think maybe that’s why they didn’t stop Steve Rogers.

Maybe they wanted Steve Rogers to do it to make sure their plan happens without any obstacle. Because we all know without Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, it’s going to take a really long time to make them all fall in line and work together.

It almost looks like TVA was rooting for this to happen.

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