Kingdom Chapter 693 Release Date And Spoilers

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Fans of the Kingdom manga must be excited and eagerly waiting for the release of the next chapter. Here, we’ve compiled the information regarding the upcoming chapter 693, its release date, spoilers, recaps. 

This manga was written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine ‘Weekly Young Jump‘ since January of 2006. Scroll down to read further!

Kingdom Chapter 693 Release Date 

Chapter 693 will be released this coming Sunday, on 26th September of 2021. As of now, there have been no news of any delays so fans can expect the release of the next chapter on the scheduled date. 

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 692


In chapter 692, we start to see some twists to the plot and ingenious planning and strategy from Kanki. 

  • Kanki’s soldiers come out from hiding and start attacking Kochou HQ from all sides. What starts as a small attack force quickly spirals into disaster for Kochou as they’re overwhelmed by the enemies. 
  • Kanki’s retreating soldiers were all a ruse as a large force stayed hidden while the Kochou army, emboldened by their success started chasing the deserters. 
  • They simply stayed hidden among the bodies, or in the burrows and allowed the Kochou army to advance past their hiding spots successfully sneaking past their frontline without having to make a move. 
  • Kochou ponders over the fact that they’d misjudged the enemy’s true military capability, and relates it to Sun Bin, the tactician from the Battle of Baryou. They’d thought that apart from the deserters, all that was left of their army was the remnants who tried to fight back. 
  • The men at the Kochou HQ express disbelief at the fact that this was Kanki’s plan all along. They all express profound regret over sending their troops to Eikyuu as those 5000 soldiers could have deterred the enemy ambush. 
  • The Kochou army try to salvage their loss at the HQ as they try to flee and regroup with their other forces. They head to the left as they think Kanki would’ve predicted that they’d try to move to their closest forces, the Kohaku but they get cut off by Kanki’s forces. 

What Can We Expect from Kingdom Chapter 693? 


Currently, there have been no spoilers for the next chapter but they could arrive before the upcoming Sunday when it gets released. 

We might see the final showdown between Kanki and Kochou as Kanki has him cornered now with none of his forces in the near vicinity. 

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 693 Online? 

You can check out the chapters here.


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